The day was now nearly past, and the crowd had considerably diminished, when this man, approaching Father Matthew, knelt down, and clasping his skeleton hands, exclaimed "Father, I'm afeard I cannot trust myself." "Who can?" said Father Matthew; "it is not in yourself you are to place confidence, but in God, who will support you, and grant you strength, if you ask for it sincerely and humbly."

"Won't you stay a minute, Gray, and let us have a prayer together?" "Yes," said Gray simply. So the two men kneeled together in the study. Henry Maxwell prayed like a child. Gray was touched to tears as he knelt there.

Now it seemed as if she must tell some one, and she wanted Him very, very badly. So she knelt and prayed, and though she cried nearly all the time she felt much happier when she got up. "I am so selfish. I am so sorry. Please help me!" was the burden of poor Dollie's prayer, but she got into bed feeling as if Jesus had understood, and fell asleep quite calmly. In the morning Dorothy awoke early.

"You own me, then, you own me!" cried Philip. "You accept the brotherhood that my mad passions once rejected! And you, too you, Camilla you who once knelt by my side, under this very roof do you remember me now? Oh, Arthur! that letter that letter! yes, indeed, that aid which I ascribed to any one rather than to you made the date of a fairer fortune.

Now he was thankful that in these days of his ordeal he had been true to himself and to his trust. He had done his best. There was little more to do. That little should be done as became the son of his father. In the gloom they knelt before this unanointed Priest of Jehovah. His office sat upon that white old man, native to him as his soul.

Notwithstanding all teachings to the point, it never really occurred to her that God had as quick and sympathetic an ear for a little prayer of few words over some trivial worry, given silently in the busy kitchen, or on the crowded street, as He had for those when she knelt down at night, and absently asked for her daily bread, and to forgive as she was forgiven, and then get properly into bed and refrained from speaking again, lest she spoilt the effect.

The Danites then in Council now knelt down in a prayer circle and prayed, invoking the Spirit of God to direct them how to act in the matter. After prayer Brother Higbee said: "Here are the orders," and handed me a paper from Haight. The paper read in substance that we were to decoy the emigrants from their position and kill all that could talk. This order was in writing.

"So, sir," she said, as Richard the elder knelt before her, "you are the father of two brave sons, whom you have bred up to do good service; but I only see one of them here. Where is the elder?" "So please your Majesty, Sir Amias Paulett desired to retain him at Chartley to assist in guarding the Queen of Scots." "It is well. Paulett knows a trusty lad when he sees him.

Phil made himself known to him as he knelt to be unloaded, throwing the weight of his body on the thick elastic pads that Nature had given him on his broad chest and on each elbow and knee of his fore-limbs. These elastic cushions, Phil saw, were on the front of his hind knees too, and smaller ones upon his hocks.

The Count knelt and kissed it; Telimena raised her handkerchief to one eye, but with the other eye she looked down on the Count, who was bidding her farewell with deep emotion. She sighed, but shrugged her shoulders.