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"I dare say not," I murmured, humbly. "Especially," she continued, reflectively, "when you consider that, though society is foolish, there is really nothing else at present to take its place to give a girl what nothing else is likely to give her I do not say nothing else can give it to her, but nothing else is in the least likely to; and when you consider the vast number of wives and mothers who have been through it all when they were young, and are charming and yes, Fred, sensible, intelligent women to-day.

Think then of to-day, humbly putting away the rebellion and despondency corroding your life, and it will be with you as it has been; you shall know again the peace which passes understanding, the old ineffable happiness in the sights and sounds of earth. Common things shall seem rare and beautiful to you. Listen to the chiff-chaff ingeminating the familiar unchanging call and message of spring.

"Well, if you don't see any difference between breaking up grass and giving up church ..." "They are both a revolt from habit." "Now, don't you talk like that it ain't seemly. I don't like hearing a man make a mock of good things, and going to church is a good thing, as I should ought to know, having just come out of it." "I'm sorry," said Martin humbly, and for some reason he felt ashamed.

"From this hour I count you as one of mine," he said; "you shall be received into the holy band of spirits! You shall be consecrated, and enter the Inner Temple. Are you prepared?" "I am, master," she humbly replied. "To-morrow the Temple brothers will open the temple of bliss to you. You shall hear, see, and be silent." "I will see, hear, and be silent," she murmured.

On the contrary, he grew glad of those long days, in which he could meditate on the past and think of the future, and be supremely and humbly thankful for the great change that had come into his life. Don Teodoro wrote a few words to Taquisara, embodying what Don. Matteo had advised him to say.

They therefore begged the Duchess Regent to despatch an envoy on their behalf, who should humbly implore his Majesty to abolish the edicts.

Alas that I should humbly serve my mortal enemy! Alas that I dare not claim my noble name, but must be known, forsooth, as Philostrate, a name worth not a straw! Of all our princely house not one is left save only me and Palamon, whom Theseus slays in prison. Even I, free though I am, am helpless to win Emelia. What am I to her but an humble squire?"

One cannot ask for more than love and kindness; and if you think humbly of yourself Arthur, the love and kindness are diminished are they? I often thought our dearest mother spoiled you at home, by worshipping you; and that if you are I hate the word what you say, her too great fondness helped to make you so.

"And if we could remove her from the parish," said Lester, "it would be a happy day for the village. Yet, strange as it may seem, so great is her power over them all, that there is never a marriage, nor a christening in the village, from which she is absent they dread her spite and foul tongue enough, to make them even ask humbly for her presence."

"Exactly," she said; "but I submitted humbly. I came here, as I supposed, a fairly good Christian, with an average amount of piety and an average number of faults. My worldliness shocked my uncle, and being a peaceful person, I let him pick me. But I rebelled at the bonnet spare me from one of those coal-scuttles I'll go to the stake first."