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So very mild are the excitements, so slight the incidents, so safe and tame the adventures of modern travel! I am almost ashamed when I think what a swashing time a romantic novelist, or a person of real imagination would have been having in London when so little was happening to me. There was, indeed, one night after dinner when for a salient moment I had hopes of something different.

No mo' niggerisms fer me, ma'am!" "Hold your tongue, Ca'line," said Mrs. Lightfoot, sternly; "and, Rhody, you ought to be ashamed of yourself to talk so before your Miss Betty." "Husban', huh!" repeated the indignant Ca'line, under her breath. "Hold your tongues, both of you," cried the old lady, as she lifted her silk skirt in both hands and swept from the kitchen.

Prince Andrew several times prompted Pierre's story of what he had been doing, as though it were all an old-time story, and he listened not only without interest but even as if ashamed of what Pierre was telling him. Pierre felt uncomfortable and even depressed in his friend's company and at last became silent.

Each must render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's even as each would render unto God the things that are God's. As living men, standing erect in the presence of Heaven and the world, the men of the South have grown gray without being ashamed; and they need not fear that History will fail to vindicate their integrity.

And suddenly, in the most casual tone, which made him feel ashamed of himself, he said, as if merely asking his father to let him have the carriage to drive to town: "Papa, I have come on a matter of business. I was nearly forgetting. I need some money." "Dear me!" said his father, who was in a specially good humor. "I told you it would not be enough. How much?"

She continued her search for the pinkish-red stones, carrying the rusty pebble along. Presently she worked her way back to where Roaring Bill labored prodigiously. "I feel ashamed to be loafing while you work so hard, Billy-boy," she greeted. "Give me a kiss and I'll call it square," he proposed cheerfully. "Got to work like a beaver, kid. This hot weather'll put us to the bad before long.

She had professed herself perfectly contented to live on the comparatively small patrimony secured to her by her father's will. It was quite enough, she said, for a single woman, at any rate, she would make it enough. And here she was, in her own old home, the home of her childhood, which she was ashamed to think she had well-nigh forgotten.

Pulling at a handle within her reach, she said, with a pleased laugh: 'Now here, for instance, is a grown-up that's my particular friend! and Lizzie Hexam in a black dress entered the room. 'Charley! You! Taking him to her arms in the old way of which he seemed a little ashamed she saw no one else. 'There, there, there, Liz, all right my dear. See! Here's Mr Headstone come with me.

It was difficult to tell who was cheered most heartily the fair young wife whose beauty won all hearts, the noble husband, or the gallant earl whose pride and delight in his daughter were so great. Lord Arleigh said a few words in response to this splendid reception and he was not ashamed of His own inability to finish what he had intended to say.

There were many sorts of heartaches and troubles, and there was no place where they could not find a man out. And he felt ashamed, as though he had for six years behaved like a peevish boy. His thought followed the Sofala on her way. On the spur of the moment he had acted impulsively, turning to the thing most pressing. And what else could he have done? Later on he should see.