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In order to perfect the most salient points, Angelique first took spools of coarse unbleached thread, which she re-covered with the strong thread of Brittany in a contrary direction; and as the need came, making use of a heavy pair of shears, as well as of a roughing-chisel, she modelled these threads, shaped the drapery of the angels, and detached the details of the ornaments.

A company of 4th Middlesex were rushed up all our men by this time having been used up to the nose of the salient, but could not man it owing to terrific barrage of fire. "C" Company, completely cut off, fought its way with the bayonet back to its former front line. Colonel Duncan reorganised the firing line. Both sides spent the night in gathering in the wounded.

I thought of a dead boy I had seen that day or yesterday was it? kneeling on the fire-step of a trench, with his forehead against the parapet as though in prayer... How sweet was the scent of the clover to-night! And how that star twinkled above the low flashes of gun-fire away there in the salient. "They want us to waste your time," said the officer.

Later, in Munich, she studied with Kricheldorf and Dürr. Her mother was a French woman, and critics trace both Polish and French characteristics in her work. She paints portraits and genre subjects. She is skilful in seizing salient characteristics, and her chief aim is to preserve the individuality of her sitters and models.

In the hectic hurry of that gold-rush many incidents were soon forgotten and such salient facts as did survive were deeply colored, for those were colorful days.

I have before me an account by a Highland officer of the relation between a navvy and a regular battalion in the Ypres salient. "Their huts stretched along the side of the road which led us towards our trenches; and every time we passed that way the sound of the pipes would bring them out of their billets in crowds to cheer us in, or to welcome us back if we were returning.

After I had for a year been commanding the Division of the Missouri, which embraced the entire Rocky Mountain region, I found it necessary to make an inspection of the military posts in northern Utah and Montana, in order by personal observation to inform myself of their location and needs, and at the same time become acquainted with the salient geographical and topographical features of that section of my division.

Sunken gray eyes, too dull and cold to light up, marked a hard, stony face, the salient feature of which was a thin-upped, compressed mouth, with corners drawn down deeply the mouth which seems the world over to be the index of selfish, cruel, sulky malignance. It is such a mouth as has the school-boy the coward of the play ground, who delights in pulling off the wings of flies.

In short, and in fact, it was clear that this was to be no ordinary attack on the salient of Verdun, but a gigantic offensive one which would demand a numerous defending force and guns in proportion.

In any case, he gains the conviction that a force for good is at worn in the world, and he has the incentive to become part of it..... But I have given you a sermon!" "For which I can never be sufficiently, grateful," said Hodder, with an earnestness not to be mistaken. The little man's eyes rested admiringly, and not without emotion, on the salient features of the tall clergyman.