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A tawdry pageant by a lot of clumsy country bumpkins at Whitsuntide or Pentecost, or a silly school-boy masque at Christmas, with the master scolding like a heathen Turk. It was not fair. And now he'd have to work all May-day. May-day out of all the year!

As he rode from Clavering to Baymouth he felt as guilty as a school-boy, who doesn't know his lesson and is about to face the awful master. For is not truth the master always, and does she not have the power and hold the book?

No growing school-boy could be more shy and miserable in the presence of women than he, though nobody had a readier friendliness or more off-hand sailor ways among men. The few intimate family friends who came to his assistance at the time of his sister's illness and death added untold misery to the gloomy situation.

He stammered like a school-boy. "Nothing has happened. What's this? Don't cry; nothing at all has happened. I didn't realize what a tramp I look or I shouldn't have come. But I was only a mile away and I had heard nothing for four days from Medicine Bend. And how are you? Did your ride make you ill? No? By Heaven, you are a game girl. That was a ride! How are they all? Where's your cousin?

Then the whole world was the whale's; and, king of creation, he left his wake along the present lines of the Andes and the Himmalehs. Who can show a pedigree like Leviathan? Ahab's harpoon had shed older blood than the Pharaoh's. Methuselah seems a school-boy. I look round to shake hands with Shem.

Whither had fled his accustomed indifference and indolence, his sardonic self-criticism? He was like a school-boy off for the holidays. He kept looking out of the window with persistent hope of the gray sky clearing. He was impatient of the delay at the various stations.

"Did you notice a queer little old-fashioned kid about so high like a runaway school-boy?" "Did I? By G d, sir, he treated me to drinks." Carden jumped from his chair. "Then he wasn't lying!" "No! We let him do it; but we made it good for the little chap afterwards. Hello! What's up?" But Mr. Carden was already in the outer office beside the clerk who had admitted Clarence.

When Julia came in, the towel-horse had been removed from the fender, and a fire was sputtering awkwardly in the grate, while Mr. Gillat, proud as a school-boy who has planned a surprise treat, was trying to coax the smoke up the damp chimney. "Johnny!" Julia exclaimed, "what extravagance! It's quite a warm night, too!" Johnny smiled delightedly.

These were covered with grass for the vagrant cow, sprinkled with loveliest little wild flowers for the poet-peasant, burrowed in by wild bees for the adventurous delight of the honey-drawn school-boy.

Sunken gray eyes, too dull and cold to light up, marked a hard, stony face, the salient feature of which was a thin-upped, compressed mouth, with corners drawn down deeply the mouth which seems the world over to be the index of selfish, cruel, sulky malignance. It is such a mouth as has the school-boy the coward of the play ground, who delights in pulling off the wings of flies.

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