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She had on a blue tam-o' shanter. Loveliest figure I ever saw, perfect ankle, but the usual heavy brogues on her feet. Why do English girls always wear woollen stockings? Was so taken with her I almost missed the train. She got into a third-class compartment farther up the train. The others were all bickering in the smoking carriage, so they didn't see her.

After that, what has been your lot? A handful of simple souls set under your charge, in the loveliest of little villages, souls that love you, trust you and obey you. Compared to this, take MY daily life!

I love you so, so devotedly, and am so sure that your love for me is equally strong." "I think it is, my darling light of my eyes and core of my heart," he responded low and feelingly. "You are to me the dearest, sweetest, loveliest of earthly creatures. I can never cease wondering at my great good fortune in securing such a treasure for my own. I am rich, rich in love.

"I'm wild about you," said he, on her last evening, his name, if it is of the smallest interest, was Pierce Watkins, Jr., "I'll shoot myself on your doorstep to-morrow if it'll give you even a moment of pleasure." Carlisle assured him that she desired no suicidal attentions. "You're the loveliest thing I ever looked at," said he, huskily. "God bless you for that, anyway.

When Grace asked her if she had secret information and if it pointed to the idea that everything would be all right in the end, she pretended to know nothing What should she know? she asked with the loveliest arch of eyebrows over an unblinking candour and begged her sister not to let Lady Agnes believe her better off than themselves.

God had written it, dear bud of the loveliest of human flowers, on the long lashes of her eyelids, on the curve of those shoulders which gave promise of a development as superb as her mother's!

He must succeed in proving to the whole world that she and her sister were as pure as they lived in his imagination, either by offering in the lists the boldest defiance to every one who refused to acknowledge that both were the most chaste and decorous ladies in the whole world, and Eva, at the same time, the loveliest and fairest, or by the open interference of the Emperor or the Burggravine in behalf of the persecuted sisters, after he had confessed the whole truth to his exalted patrons.

"If all the world were beautiful," I exclaimed, "such a thing as our appreciation of beauty would not exist. I should not even be aware that my Carlotta was beautiful." She put her hands on my knees in her impulsive way, and bending forward looked at me delightedly. "Oh, you do think so?" "You are the loveliest and most intoxicating creature on the earth, Carlotta."

But the Sobralias demand attention. They stand here in clumps two feet thick, bearing a wilderness of loveliest bloom like Irises magnified and glorified by heavenly enchantment. Nature designed a practical joke perhaps when she granted these noble flowers but one day's existence each, while dingy Epidendrums last six months, or nine.

"For lovely is a mountain rosy-lit With dawn, or steeped in sunshine, azure-hot, But loveliest when shadows traverse it, And stain it not." The safest general statement which can be made about Wellesley students of the first forty years of the college is that more than sixty per cent of them have come from outside New England, from the Middle West, the Far West, and the South.

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