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For this purpose he visited the parish priest, and confessed to a number of abominations committed by him while among the wicked Brethren. The parish priest was delighted; the penitent was taken to the Church; and there he told the assembled crowd the story of his guilty past. Of all the bad men in the country, he said, these Brethren were the worst.

Have you read her?" Imogen confessed her utter ignorance of Frau Lichtenfeld, and Flavia went on. "Well, she is a most remarkable person; one of those advanced German women, a militant iconoclast, and this drive will not be long enough to permit of my telling you her history. Such a story!

So poor Abdallah was beaten with rods until he confessed where he had hidden his money; then the Wise Judge handed fifty sequins to Ali and kept twenty himself for his decision, and all went their way praising his justice and judgment. That is to say, all but poor Abdallah; he went to his home weeping and wailing, and with every one pointing the finger of scorn at him.

He confessed that it should be finished as it had begun, and could not discover in himself the Titan who had watched over its inception. Thorpe took this state of mind much to heart, and in combating it expended more energy than would have sufficed to accomplish the work. Inexorably he held himself to the task. He filled his mind full of lumbering.

He had gone down that he might throw himself at the feet of Lily Dale, gone down, as he now confessed to himself, with hopes almost triumphant, and he had returned because Lily Dale would not have him at her feet. "I loved him, him, Crosbie, better than all the world besides. It is still the same. I still love him better than all the world."

"That's me, Brown, and I beg that you will forgive me for my share of this plot. It was to retaliate, I believe, for some joke that you perpetrated a few days ago." "Yes, but this matter is serious," Mr. Brown muttered. "I grant that; especially when you spoke about my stealing. Faith, I began to think that I should be the inmate of your town prison, before long, unless I confessed."

It's no wonder most people don't get further than gazing and longing." "Probably I shouldn't," confessed Susan, "if I hadn't been thrown into the water. It was a case of swim or drown." "But most who try are drowned nearly all the women." "Oh, I guess there are more survive than is generally supposed. So much lying is done about that sort of thing." "What a shrewd young lady it is!

He had lost nothing of his serenity nor of his caustic wit, and Honore confessed that he himself had very nearly choked, laughing at some of his jests. Nevertheless he was not a father in whom one could confide, and the son, isolated and forced to conceal his feelings, found relief only in his brief periods of work in Paris, and in observing the habits and manners of the family circle.

Wilmot, ending with a walk through the village; she confessed her ignorance, apologised for her blunders, and put herself under the direction which once she had fancied too strict and harsh to be followed. And on Sunday she was content to teach the stupid girls, and abstain from making much of the smooth-faced engaging set.

Nearly every writer alludes to the incident of the refusal of the priest to admit Carlos to communion, upon the ground of his confessed deadly hatred to an individual whom all supposed to be the King. It was also universally believed that Carlos meant to kill his father.