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Several persons presented themselves at the "penitent bench," most of whom were enabled to rejoice in a sense of conscious pardon. Sunday was indeed a "high day" at the old Ancaster log meeting- house. From near and far, in sleighs, on horseback, and on foot, came methodist worshippers, and found hospitable welcome with the families of the neighbourhood. First there was love-feast at nine o'clock.

A pride so exacting does not appear to agree with the peculiar nonchalance that was one of her striking characteristics; but, later in life, when she had become devout and penitent, she took care to explain that seeming contradiction.

The Church may warn the unruly, 1 Thess. v. 14: excommunicate the obstinate and incorrigible, Matt, xviii. 17, 18; 1 Cor. v. 4, 5, 13: receive again penitent persons to the communion of the faithful, 2 Cor. ii. 7, 8: make binding decrees in synods, even to the restraining of the outward exercise of due Christian liberty for a time, for prevention of scandal, Acts xv. 3. About persons.

Theirs was not like Christianity, the religion of compassion the religion, that, deriving its characteristic peculiarities from its Author, pities the deluded, sympathises with the miserable, seeks to reclaim the criminal, and marks the tears of the penitent; but "trusting in themselves that they were righteous, they despised others."

D'you think the old fellow'd let me cook summat for supper? It's been pig-food for us to-day. But when they went to investigate, they found Vessons preparing a tremendous meal, hot and savoury as a victorious and penitent old man could make it. He showed in his manner that bygones were to be bygones, and night came down in peace on Undern.

Azalea spoke the last words wistfully, with a penitent look in her brown eyes. "Small wonder!" cried Elise, who was listening interestedly. "After you took that blessed child to " "There, there, Elise," Farnsworth interrupted, "we do trust Azalea. Let her finish her story." Azalea gave him a grateful look and went on.

"Be of good cheer; be not afraid"; that note rings through the Gospels, and how much it means, and has meant, in sweet temper and cheerfulness in the very chequered history of the Church! His is the great voice of Hope in the world. Even on the Cross, according to one text, Jesus said to the penitent thief: "Courage!

"Well," said Julia, slowly, rather bewildered still, "that sounds as if it was right; and yet, somehow . Well, Alfred, you wait for me, and I'll be down right away." So it happened that a very penitent little face stood at her mother's elbow a few moments after this; and Julia's voice was very earnest: "Mother, I'm so sorry I made you such a great deal of trouble to-day."

The captain soon afterwards departed, leaving the penitent behind him, subdued and softened, not by any sermon or moral lecture, which at such a time Riddell felt would be only out of place, but by sheer force of kindness that virtue which costs so little, yet achieves so much.

But to gain his end Bacon consented to beg forgiveness for what he deemed no offence. The Governor meant it to be a solemn occasion, one not lightly to be forgotten. So when the burgesses and council were gathered the Governor stood up. "If there be joy in the presence of the angels over one sinner that repenteth," he said, "there is joy now, for we have a penitent sinner come before us. Call Mr.