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With love of the Church and with love of freedom was mingled, at this great crisis, a third feeling which is among the most honourable peculiarities of our national character. An individual oppressed by power, even when destitute of all claim to public respect and gratitude, generally finds strong sympathy among us.

There were one or two little whims and peculiarities of hers which he must explain. He thought of pretty Mrs. Forsyth and her broken pledge regarding Tara. He looked along the dusty, littered hall, and, in the distance, saw an elderly lady leading an Irish Wolfhound.

Until experience has demonstrated their existence, generally, such peculiarities are overlooked. But occasionally they may be detected from knowledge of the interval between the menstrual periods; an unusually long interval between them, for example, would lead us to anticipate a protracted pregnancy.

He would seek to divest himself for a time of those personal peculiarities which tend to divide him from the thing he studies. It is as difficult, for example, for a man to examine a fish without developing a certain vanity in possessing a pair of legs, as if they were the latest article of personal adornment.

"There's my contract: he can discharge me, you know, but I can't quit that's one of the peculiarities of a theatrical contract. Well he insisted on taking me to supper." "A brother is a handy thing, once in a while, but for every-day use, you need a 'steady' with a kick in each mit." "I wish YOU would punch him." "Who? Me? And go joy-riding with a square-toe? Nix. I'm too refined.

Like all true art, the general conduct of a ship and her handling in particular cases had a technique which could be discussed with delight and pleasure by men who found in their work, not bread alone, but an outlet for the peculiarities of their temperament.

It was very small one room below, and a sleeping-loft above; but a bed had been made up for the sick woman by the down-stairs window looking out on the harbour; and Naomi lay on it, with a lamp burning at her head and another at her side, although it was not yet dark. A great dread of darkness had always been one of Naomi's peculiarities.

"I'm on the best of terms with every one in the establishment but Massanet, and I'd like to be with him, only he's so awfully slow." "Frank Massanet is a very nice fellow," said Richard stoutly. "Oh, yes too nice for me, though. But let that pass. Everybody has his peculiarities. Have a smoke?" And Norris pulled two strong-looking cigars from his vest pocket. "I'm much obliged," replied the boy.

He analyzed all the factors in his problem carefully, even down to the peculiarities of every one of his customers. He presented his goods with faultlessly worked out arguments and appeals to the common sense and good judgment of his customers. He was, therefore, more than usually successful. In answer to our inquiry, however, he said: "No, I hate selling goods.

He was very unobservant except as to the peculiarities of footpaths, on which he was an authority. I thought with amazement and some admiration that Mrs. Fyne's young disciples were to her husband's gravity no more than evanescent shadows. However, with but little hesitation Fyne ventured to affirm that yes, her hair was of some dark shade.