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Still, good Henrietta was passably happy, as the world goes, for she had the lucky foundation of a happy temper and temperament she enjoyed the world, her friends and her creature comforts her sound, innocent sleep her ambling pony, or her easy carriage her hearty meals and her dreamy doze in the soft armchair of an afternoon, while Mrs.

You look as if you might kill somebody." It was a mark of the later and larger development of David Kent that he was able to keep his head in the moment of catastrophes. In boyhood his hair had been a brick-dust red, and having the temperament which belongs of right to the auburn-hued, his first impulse was to face about and make a personal matter of the legal robbery with Judge MacFarlane.

Too often an apparent lack of "temperament" is only the failure to have a definite understanding of the meaning of the words the singer is vainly endeavoring to impress upon his audience. Let the singer recite or read aloud the words of his songs.

The dramatist, therefore, works ever under the sway of three influences to which the novelist is not submitted: namely, the temperament of the actors by whom his plays are to be performed, the physical conditions of the theater in which they are to be produced, and the psychologic nature of the audience before which they are to be presented.

Not that she was passionless or lacking in temperament. The girl in "whose veins ran lightning" could hardly be accused of indifference to the opposite sex. She liked several young men, but there was not one of them whom she could bring herself to think of in the light of a husband. Girls often married for other than sentimental reasons. Of that she was well aware.

Something in the unnatural calmness of her manner troubled him, for his southern temperament was alive to influences whose presence would have been unfelt by one less sensitive. He took the cushion at her feet, saying, half tenderly, half reproachfully, "Let me keep my old place till I know in what character I am to fill the new.

He knew now that Barbara Verne was the woman he loved the only woman in all the world who could be to him what a wife must be to a man of his temperament, if two souls are to be satisfied. But he saw clearly that Barbara Verne had no thought of that kind in her mind or, at least, no such conscious thought.

Those critics who contend that the unrest of sixteenth-century sculpture was due to changes in artistic and religious feeling wrought by the Renaissance, would do well to examine this plate, and see how much account must be taken of the artist's temperament in forming their opinion.

Being destitute of objections to belief in the usefulness of spiritualistic mystery, in fact, by temperament, perhaps inclining to hope that such phenomena may be tamed and yoked, and made to work for human happiness, yet there seems to be something about me which these agencies do not find congenial. Though I have gone longing for a sign, no sign has been given me.

Of Burke one must ask not so much What did he believe? as Whom did he pity? It was the contrast of temperament and attitude which made the cleavage between Burke and the friends of the French Revolution deep and irreconcilable. In the fundamentals of political theory he often seems to agree with some of them, and they differ as often among themselves.