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"These fellows out here think they are a pretty tough lot," he said grimly, "but there are plenty of boys back on the East Side who could show them a few tricks. You know that part of the old town?" "Not very well," she admitted with apparent regret, "but of course I read a good bit about it in the papers the desperate characters, gunmen, and all those the police have so much trouble with.

It is apparent, also, that in some cases the works were long ago partly destroyed by streams which have since receded more than half a mile, and at present could not reach them under any circumstances. Those streams generally show four successive terraces, which mark four distinct eras of their subsidence since they began to flow in their present courses.

"But I seem to is this water?" "Yes, a lake," Basterga replied, stooping with a faint smile to the plan. "And this a river?" "Yes." "Aurelia? But I seem to know the line of this wall, and these bastions. Why, it is Messer Basterga," in a tone of surprise, not unmingled with anger "you play with me! it is Geneva!" Basterga permitted his smile to become more apparent.

"I see them again always the same, day and night red, green and gold! red, green and gold!" I exchanged glances with the woman Alford. It was apparent that the shock the girl had sustained had been somehow connected with the colours red, green and gold. I tried to obtain from her some faint idea of the nature of what she had witnessed, but she was quite unable to explain.

But what nothing could destroy was Robert Hart's admiration for the soldier hero. If the apparent inconsistencies of his character were numerous, all of them added force and picturesqueness to it, and only served to increase the affection of one who knew him and understood him most thoroughly.

It was another grey day, close and still, and the murmur of the calm sea threw her at once into a dreamy state, full of pleasurable excitement. She hid herself in a spot most soothing from its apparent remoteness, a sandy cove from which, because of the projecting cliffs on either hand, neither town nor coast could be seen, but only the sea and sky.

He's one of the people who seem able to get whatever they want without having to struggle for it and who rarely land in any difficulty." Again a grudging note became apparent, as though the speaker were trying to subdue faint suspicion or disapproval, and Lisle changed the subject. "Had George Gladwyne any immediate relatives?" "One sister, as like him as it's possible for a woman to be.

It was eight o'clock, but it was Holt's "night off" and as he had told her that morning he could get a pass for the dinner, and that it was time she "changed her bill," she had risen early and met him at her door. It was apparent that she took a lively interest in this bit of Shanghai but a step out of the Occident, for her face had lost its heavy brooding and she asked him many questions.

Here in the family is the first true microcosm, the first community in which the individual is developed by association with his fellows. On the value of this earliest social training there are hardly two opinions, and we need not dwell upon it. It is at the next stage that divergence, both of definite opinion and still more of emphasis, begins to be apparent.

"Out of kindness, Honora. Mrs. Dwyer knows that I enjoy looking at beautiful things." "Why doesn't she invite you to the dinners?" asked Honora, hotly. "Our family is just as good as Mrs. Dwyer's." The extent of Aunt Mary's distress was not apparent. "You are talking nonsense, my child," she said.