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For, by its association with one who had from my earliest recollection seemed like something forgotten and left behind in the onward rush of life, it was, far more than anything else in the house, like a piece of the past embedded in the present a fragment that had been, by some eddy in the stream of time, prevented from gliding away down its course, and left to lie for ever in a cranny of the solid shore of unmoving space.

He determined to set forth fully his ideas on education, which the tyranny of a thousand opposing circumstances had always prevented him from working out in their completeness; or at all events to do this as regards the earliest years of man, and then to win over the world of women to the actual accomplishment of his plans. An external circumstance supervened at this point to urge him onwards.

"I was interested," he explained with a shrug of finality, "in the nesting-ground of the Canada goose!" "Then you came to the right point," I promptly retorted. "For I am it!" But he didn't smile, as I'd expected him to do. He seemed to feel that something approaching seriousness was expected of that talk. "I really came because I was more interested in one of your earliest settlers," he went on.

Extravagant and wrong views prevent a great many people from doing anything. If we examine all the rules for securing health and the leading secrets of long life, we find that one of the earliest is temperance. A noted instance is Socrates. During the great plague, when at least one-third of the population of Athens died, Socrates went about with impunity.

Its earliest use in this country was in 1827, when it was made to light the village of Fredonia, N. Y. Probably its first use for manufacturing purposes was by a man named Tompkins, who used it to heat salt-kettles in the Kenawha valley in 1842.

Great Basilicae sheltered promenades which probably derived their names from the Royal Courts of the Hellenic East had lately been erected. Two of the earliest, the Porcian and Sempronian, had been raised on the site of business premises which had been bought up for the purpose, and were meant to serve the purposes of a market and an exchange.

When one day I was walking in High Street with my dear earliest friend just mentioned, with what eagerness did he cry out, "There's Keble!" and with what awe did I look at him!

The municipal funds were managed by two quaestors. Religious functions primarily devolved on the two colleges of men of priestly lore alone known to the earliest Latin constitution, the municipal pontifices and augurs. Relation of the -Municipium- to the State

Calling the chief town of the Miamis at Pickawillany their capital gives the notion of some such capital as Columbus or Washington; but if we imagine the chief town of the Miamis as it really was, we see some hundreds of wigwams in straggling clusters along the banks of the river, in the shadow of the ancient woods, or in the sunshine of the beautiful meadows, as the earliest white visitors to Ohio called the small prairies which they came upon in the heart of the forests.

The sealings, the general description of which has been already given, have come to light in such considerable quantities during the past few years that their study became a special branch of Egyptology. As to the earliest sealings, it was not until the time of Den that a broad uniformity of style was established.