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The general has been in the room ever since you came." "Oh, yes. Then perhaps somebody left it there before you had the room?" Burnamy was silent again, but at last he said, "No, I flung it up there I had forgotten all about it." "And you wish me to forget about it, too?" Agatha asked in a gayety of tone that still deceived him. "It would only be fair.

'Your game is too big for common murder. The store at Umvelos' stood as I had left it. There was the sjambok I had forgotten still lying on the window sill. I unlocked the door, and a stifling smell of new paint came out to meet me. Inside there was nothing but the chairs and benches, and in a corner the pots and pans I had left against my next visit.

For, notwithstanding the worldliness of the day, it was thought that Heaven should not be forgotten. The convent being that of the Holy Child, something illustrative of the birth of Christ naturally suggested itself. No more touching or edifying subject than that of the Annunciation could be found.

As a matter of fact, he really had forgotten all about it. "We might have it up here while the room is being got ready. Perhaps a little " "A soft boiled egg and a glass of milk, if you please, Mrs. Travers," interrupted Miss Kavanagh, still from her seat at the window. "I'll see about it," said Mrs. Travers, and went out, taking the quite small box with her.

"Not until I have told you, Lydia! I am poor, rough not worthy to touch you but I love you with my whole heart and soul, Lydia. You must let me take care of you. You need me, dear." Tears overflowed her eyes, quiet, patient tears; but she answered steadily. "Can't you see that I I am different from other women? I have only one thing to live for. I must go to him.... You had forgotten him."

But one day she discovered that she could not deceive him, and again she began to hate him; but remembering the price of her past indiscretions she refrained, and the matter was forgotten in another of more importance. Miss Brand suddenly fell out of health and was obliged to return to England.

The Boboli Gardens, with their alley ways of ilex, their cypresses and broken statues, their forgotten fountains, are full of sadness "Tout en chantant sur le mode mineur, L'amour vainqueur et la vie opportune, Ils n'ont pas l'air de croire

"You don't know how cold a man feels when his heart is empty." "Paul Seaton nearly wrecked his career at the outset by writing a very foolish and indiscreet book called Shams and Shadows; it was just a toss-up whether he would ever get over it; but he did, and now people have pretty nearly forgotten it," continued Elisabeth, who had never heard the truth concerning Isabel Carnaby.

Of course, in a family where a servant dusts, the present is forgotten the moment it is placed on the shelf. I remember the dearest of little girls who once made me a Christmas present of a purse of her own embroidering.

"I have forgotten it, Deb." "Then tell me about summer before last, when you were at Cousin Jane Selden's again, and you were grown, and you saw the poor boy again only he was a man and his father was dead, and he talked to you in Cousin Jane Selden's flower garden. You never told me that story but once." "I have forgotten that one too." "Why does your breath come long like that, Jacqueline?