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The sentence was pronounced by artificial light in a stifling poisonous atmosphere. Something edifying was said by the judge weightily, about the retribution overtaking the perpetrator of "the most heartless frauds on an unprecedented scale."

This, in another form, is the edifying story of the Sacred Beetle whose pellet had rolled into a rut, powerless to withdraw his treasure from the gulf, the wily Dung-beetle called together three or four of his neighbours, who benevolently recovered the pellet, returning to their labours after the work of salvage.

When this was done, it is said that he died in a most edifying manner. Very few of Cano's architectural works remain; a few drawings of this sort are in the Louvre which are simple and elegant in style. The finest carving by him is a small figure of the Virgin, now in the Cathedral of Granada.

She said the count had died as she would herself wish to die, that his end was not only touching but edifying.

And he added, in slow, emphatic tones "Yes, my daughter Daisy." Medland was about to answer violently, but he curbed his temper and said quietly, "Your daughter? Come, don't talk nonsense." "A daughter born to my wife in wedlock is my daughter. If I claim her, what answer is there?" "I can prove that she's not your daughter." "Perhaps; and what an edifying sight! The Premier proving " Mr.

"I am not likely to forget it," replied the maddened Stephen; but over the rest of this edifying scene we will drop a veil. Thus did the advent of Stella bring with it surprises, rumours, and family dissensions. What else it brought remains to be told.

There is no use in saying what you really know regarding her and her goings on. There is Diana Hunter what a little haughty prude it is; and yet WE know stories about her which are not altogether edifying. I say it is best for the sake of the good, that the bad should not all be found out.

"I don't know," said the animal wistfully, "no one ever knows what the Platypus sings about." "It was very sad," said Dot. "Dreadfully sad!" sighed the Kangaroo; "but the Platypus is a most learned and interesting creature," she added hastily. "Its conversation and songs are most edifying; everyone in the bush admits it." "Does anyone understand its conversation?" asked Dot.

We regretted not having a sufficient knowledge of the language to make out what was said, but, from the shouts of laughter uttered by our black friends, the yarns were highly amusing to themselves, if not edifying to us. The shades of evening were approaching, a few rays of the setting sun penetrating amid the trees, cast a bright light on the boughs above us.

But, in the meantime, I order him to bring us before the rest of this outlawed crew." "I shall do nothing of the kind," said the duke, sullenly. "Just as you please. Here, my men, two of you take hold of this scoundrel, and dispatch him at once." The guard had all dismounted; and two of them came forward with edifying obedience, to do as they were told. The effect upon the duke was miraculous.

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