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"Is he not a restless boy, our Bryde?" said she, and there was pride and love and tears and laughter in her tones, and she left us together. "Hamish," said he, "you will not be bringing her here again ever I will not be strong enough lying here . . ." and then in a lower voice, "My mother has a ring," said he.

Anon, I heard the voice of Winifred, and never shall I forget the sweetness and gentleness of the tones of her voice in the stillness of that night.

Cross-legged on the great divan of the room he had left, his less pious visitors, unable to turn their thoughts from the dark business on which they had come, smoked their cigarettes, talking to each other in tones so low as would not have been heard by a European, and with apparent listlessness.

They had heard the kindly rumble of His voice like distant thunder and the little tones of the Man as he asked his questions. At six o'clock regularly God had shaken hands with the Man and climbed leisurely back up the sky-blue stairs that led to Heaven. Because of this the Man had gained a reputation among the animals for being wise. They had thought of him as God's friend.

"Yes, where in thunder is Don Francisco?" said the Ring Tailed Panther in startled tones. Urrea was certainly missing, and no one could tell when they had lost him. Their flight had been too hurried to take any count of numbers. There could be only one conclusion. Urrea had been taken in the patio. The Ring Tailed Panther roared between his teeth, low but savagely.

One should practice in fifteen-minute periods and rest at least ten minutes between. The student should never sing more than two hours a day one in the morning and one in the afternoon. As most singers love their work, many are inclined to overdo. "Do not tamper with the two or three extreme upper or lower tones of your voice lest you strain and ruin it permanently.

"'Si, senor, several other voices answered in tones of awed alacrity. "Then the stifled voice said: 'Like this. I must be free to breathe. "Then there was a concerned noise of many men together. 'Help him up, hombres. Steady! Under the other arm. "That deadened voice ordered: 'Bueno! Stand away from me, men.

I noticed that on these occasions their voices often fell into mysterious whispers, and that receipts of especial power and sanctity were communicated in tones so low as entirely to escape the vulgar ear.

In studying the principles of simple light and shade it is advisable to draw from objects of one local colour, such as white casts. In parti-coloured objects the problem is complicated by the different tones of the local colour.

The uutuned ear of the savage can no more enjoy the tones of civilized music than his palate would relish the elaborate dishes of a French chef de cuisine. As the stomach of the Arab prefers the raw meat and reeking liver taken hot from the animal, so does his ear prefer his equally coarse and discordant music to all other.