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The low roof tends to deaden the pitch, and in so confined a space the singers cannot get into that instinctive touch with each other which makes the difference between a good and a bad choir; still, people in the church below told me that the effect was lovely.

But mind this: the more we observe and study, the wider we find the range of the automatic and instinctive principles in body, mind, and morals, and the narrower the limits of the self-determining conscious movement. I have often seen piano-forte players and singers make such strange motions over their instruments or song-books that I wanted to laugh at them.

Grime, misery and poverty were in evidence. He told us that his forefathers were Huguenots, who fled from France and settled as silk weavers in Spitalfields. He had been apprenticed to boot- and shoe-making, his particular branch of work having been boots and shoes for actresses and operatic singers.

We sat in the pit, where every body was dressed in so high a style, that if I had been less delighted with the performance, my eyes would have found me sufficient entertainment from looking at the ladies. I was very glad I did not sit next the Captain; for he could not bear the music or singers, and was extremely gross in his observations of both.

We learned one day, through his sister, doña Pepa, that he had gone way off with the little girl somewhere what was that city you visited, Rafael? Milan, yes, Milan, that's it! I've been told that's the market for singers. He wanted his Leonora to become a prima donna. He never came back, poor fellow!... Things must have gone badly with them.

The elders and deacons, the readers and singers, the acolytes and the assembled priesthood of the place followed the Bishop Agapitus, and the laymen came behind Obedianus, the head-man of the oasis, and the Senator Petrus; with Petrus came his wife, his grown up children and numerous slaves.

But there'll be no turning back. Already, you are almost too old to make a career." "I'm only twenty-four. I flattered myself I looked still younger." "It's worse than I thought," said he. "Most of the singers, even the second-rate ones, began at fifteen began seriously. And you haven't begun yet." "That's unjust," she protested. "I've done a little. Many great people would think it a great deal."

"What unusual words for a pair of street singers!" Miss Bunce murmured, setting down the tea-pot. But as Miss Charlotte was busy cracking an egg, and Miss Susan in a sort of coma, dwelling perhaps on death and its terrors, the remark went unheeded. "Citizens, doff your coats of black, And dress to suit the almanack Cuckoo " The voices broke off, and a rat-tat sounded on the front door.

People did not ask themselves whether it was worth while for singers to go through the most arduous training for five years, for the sake of learning to execute runs which any fiddler or flute-player could learn to play in a few weeks. Look at the fioriture which, to this day, Mme. Patti sings in "Lucia," "Semiramide," etc.

This they continued without variety, remaining quite still while Okotook walked round within the circle; his body was rather bent forward, his eyes sometimes closed, his arms constantly moving up and down, and now and then hoarsely vociferating a word or two, as if to increase the animation of the singers, who, whenever he did this, quitted the chorus and rose into the words of the song.

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