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Perhaps he does not yet know his Leonora sufficiently to be secure of her forgiveness. How I long to set his heart at ease, and to say to him, let the past be forgotten for ever! How easy it is to the happy to forgive! There have been moments when I could not, I fear, have been just, when I am sure that I could not have been generous. I shall immediately offer to accompany Mr.

"Dolls ain't dolls more fun that playing ball?" "That depends," answered Miss Lucy. "Cornelius or Moses would no doubt enjoy a game of ball better than the prettiest doll that ever was made; but you and Leonora and Corinne, for instance, would be unusual little girls if you did n't like dolls best." Elsie and Cornelius faced each other with good-natured laughter.

And anyhow, I'm sure I can't sleep. She said aloud: 'It wouldn't be any use; I shouldn't sleep. 'Ah! I'll attend to that, I'll attend to that! the doctor laughed. 'Ethel, help your mother to bed. He departed. 'This is really most absurd, Leonora reflected. 'It's ridiculous. However, I'm only doing it to oblige them.

Louisa again promised she would do her utmost to keep them from thinking she even suspected they had played her false; then cried, But tell me, my dear Leonora, were they not a little moved at the tender melancholy which, I perceive, ran thro' this epistle?

The members of the Stanway family, in order to avoid the crush in the aisles and portico, always remained in their pew after service, until the chapel had nearly emptied itself; and to-day Leonora chose to sit longer than usual.

David Dain told me the other day. Uncle told Dain he might tell me. 'Why has he altered it? Leonora asked aloud at last. John shook his head. 'Why does Uncle Meshach do anything? He spoke with sarcastic irritation. 'I suppose he's taken a sudden fancy for Susan's child, after ignoring him all these years. 'And has Aunt Hannah altered her will, too? 'No. I'm all right in that quarter.

"Cornelius and Moses," he counted, "and Elsie and Polly," his eyes had reached the little girl with a crutch, whose pale face was growing pink and paler by turns, "and Leonora and Brida," he went on; "that makes six." "Oh, me too?" squealed Brida delightedly, clutching her chair for support in the trying moment.

Besides "It wouldn't do for him to go to the wall just now." Arm in arm they went up to Best and Sharpless' to take the first steps in the suit. Together they went down-town to relieve Fanshaw of the pressure of the too heavy burden of copper stocks; then up to their club where he assisted Fanshaw in composing the breaking-off letter to Leonora.

Before their friends, they still maintained the pose of well-to-do people with plenty of income from property in Spain. Leonora underwent a rapid transformation. She had already passed her period of growth that preadolescent "awkward age" when the features are in constant change before settling down to their definitive forms and the limbs seem to grow longer and longer and thinner and thinner.

It was a discipline upon which he had not calculated, and which exceeded the bounds of endurance, especially as Miss Leonora questioned him incessantly about his "work," and still dangled before him, like an unattainable sweet-meat before a child, the comforts and advantages of Skelmersdale, where poor old Mr Shirley had rallied for the fiftieth time.

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