"I chose a doll for every girl that has n't any," she told them gaily, "and I got just as pretty ones as there were in the store." "Say, what colored hair has mine?" questioned Mabel. "Light, like Stella's, I think." "Oh, goody!" squealed the little maid. "And is it curly?" Polly nodded. "Wha' d' yer buy for Leonora?" queried a curious one.

The Frenchman, expecting he knew not what, sprang to his feet, snatching up a knife; but Gaston was on him like a hawk, pinioning his arms and lifting him off the ground, binding his legs too, all so tight that the Frenchman squealed for breath. "Monsieur," said Gaston to the landlord, "from the door or the window?" The landlord was pale. It was in some respects a quarrel of races.

A Boche machine-gun loosed a few belts of cartridges in the spasmodic style of her kind. There was no mistake about it this time massed infantry were sweeping the plain with rifle fire, and the quick-firers were feeling for an opening. Another man was hit close to Tim. He squealed like a girl; and a fellow near turned a dirty white, stumbled, with a clatter fell in a fainting fit.

The fact that stallions squealed and fought in the stalls across the courtyard scarcely promised us uninterrupted sleep; but sleep is not to be weighed in the balance against the news of eastern nights.

Then getting on to all fours like a great boy, and bobbing his head up and down and making deep growls to imitate the terrors of a wild beast, he made little runs and plunges at the child, who jumped and crowed in Nancy's lap and laughed and squealed till she "kinked." "Now, stop, you great omathaun, stop," said Nancy. "It isn't good for the lil one 'deed it isn't."

So out he went for the Bible, and soon he stalked into my office with the Bible open, with all the bigoted pride of the narrow sectarian, or of one who founds his Christianity on some misinterpretation of Scripture. He flung the Bible down on my desk, and fairly squealed into my ear: "There it is, Mr. President; you can read it for yourself."

I never will." "S'lute yo' podners!" The dance was on. And while the music squealed from the rostrum, while the swaying forms some way made the rounds according to the caller's viewpoint of an old-time dance, Anita Richmond evidently "thought about it."

He had uttered a loud, "Ha!" of triumph, his feet were after her, and she squealed like a hunted rabbit when he pounced on her. It was very dark within the wood. His face was no more than a blur, and her unseen beauty was powerless to help her. She was desperate, and she laughed. "George, you'll spoil my little joke. I've left a letter for you. It's a shame to spoil it, Georgie, Porgie."

Ike squealed on Spotty for another job after they give him the third degree, and when Spotty heard of that it made him sore, as it would anybody. Then when the two bulls who pinched Spotty and Ike tested the diamonds in the cross and found they was phoney as they might have guessed coming from a department store Spotty was fit to be tied, he was so wild! So he up and confessed.

And then, in the eyes of all the Commonwealth, Bobberts turned his back on his own mother and clung to the Dictator! Clung, and squealed, until the danger of separation was over. "You see!" said Billy, triumphantly. Mrs. Fenelby sighed. The Dictator had won. The tariff was dead. "And in our house," said Kitty, cheerfully, "we won't have any tariff, will we, Billy?" "Your house!" exclaimed Mrs.