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Immediately overhead an almost indistinguishable blur marked a high, square window, some seven feet from the floor. There was but one. In all probability the door lay directly opposite. That being true, the natural inclination of a man flying down the hall in the direction we came would be to go further to the right.

The scene was launched, acquired headway, then was halted as a bellow from Mr. Lobel warned the operator behind him to cut off the power. "What the hell!" sputtered the master. "There's a blur on the picture here, a sort of a kind of smokiness. Did you see it, Geltfin? Right almost directly in front of Monte it all of a sudden comes! Did you, Quinlan?" "Sure I seen it," agreed Geltfin.

Pancho Cueto hesitatingly addressed the dim blur which he knew to be Colonel Cobo. The Colonel of Volunteers was in a vile temper, what with the long night ride and an error of Cueto's which had considerably lengthened the journey. "Where is the house?" growled the officer. "Not far. But the path is rocky and the horses' feet " "God, yes!"

Dover Castle was becoming a gray blur on the horizon when he spoke to Helen again. "You look quite comfortable," he said pleasantly, "and it is wise not to risk walking about if you are afraid of being ill." "I used to cross in bad weather without consequences," she answered; "but I am older now, and am doubtful of experiments." "You were educated abroad, then?" "Yes.

A flock's journey is seven miles, ten if pasture fails, in a windless blur of dust, feeding as it goes, and resting at noons. Such hours Pete weaves a little screen of twigs between his head and the sun the rest of him is as impervious as one of his own sheep and sleeps while his dogs have the flocks upon their consciences.

There, what appeared to be many miles away, though in reality it was but a few, was a dark blur below. Occasionally what appeared to be little stars twinkled there. Jack knew they were the lights of some town. "Guess that's where we are headed for, all right," he told himself. Behind the British hydroplane the other German airships came rapidly, keeping some distance apart, however.

Stars were out now by thousands, a gold mosaic set into a high purple dome. Off to the south a wide blur of artificial light hung above the city, the visible expression, as it were, of the low, human roar of life, audible even in this sheltered nook. To the north, almost it seemed within touch of his hands, the temple cliff rose black, formidable, and impressive, a gigantic wall of silence.

The heat was overpowering, the audience noisy, and overhead the electric fans, which hung downwards from the ceiling, whirled above the spectators with so swift a rotation that those looking up saw only a vague blur in the air. The ring had been roped off upon the stage, and about three sides of the ring chairs for the privileged had been placed.

"Oh, blur an' agres," says my father, "isn't this a hard case," says he, "that ould villain, lettin' on to be my friend, and to go asleep this way, an' us both in the very room with a sperit," says he.

"Very strange, indeed. The shadow told you nothing?" "Nothing at all." Colonel Menendez hesitated momentarily, and glanced swiftly across at Harley. "It was just a vague do you say blur? and then it was gone. But " "Yes," said Harley. "But?" "Ah," Colonel Menendez blew a cloud of smoke into the air, "I come now to the matter which I find so hard to explain."

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