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He went on in his maddeningly imperturbable calm. "No one attacked our guest, but some one, here at this precise point, did attack the driver of this vehicle." "For God's sake," I cried, "let's hurry!" He stepped back slowly to the edge of the road and the drawl in his voice lengthened. "We do hurry," he said.

Imagine his position, and imagine also, if you possibly can, the great qualities that are demanded if such a man is to go through a lengthened period of unemployment without losing his dignity, his manhood and his desire for work. I can tell at a glance the man who has had this experience.

The half-shut door of a small adjoining room opened very slowly and softly, and Joab entered on tiptoe, elaborate caution surrounding him like an atmosphere. "You, Joab," said Rand. "It's time you were in the field." Joab's preternaturally lengthened countenance became short, broad, and genial. He threw back his head and breathed relief. "Dar now! What I tell em?

He trembled while he smiled. "It's done a lot for you." "What do you mean?" she asked, her face flushing with confusion. "I mean" he tried to laugh "your best dress seems pretty tight for you. Oh, if it only should be " "Don't be a fool," she angrily replied. "If anything like that happens, I'll let you know." His face lengthened, and the smile went out of his eyes.

I knew that one great pang, undergone at that time, would save a lengthened agony to all of us. I knew that if I went away then, that end must follow which HAS followed, and which has made us both so happy, Grace! I wrote to good Aunt Martha, for a refuge in her house: I did not then tell her all, but something of my story, and she freely promised it.

Helen saw the racing horse make a desperate leap as the spurs tore his heaving sides; she saw that swiftly whirling loop leave the rider's hand, as the man leaned forward in his saddle. Curiously she watched the loop open with beautiful precision, as the coils were loosed and the long, thin line lengthened through the air. It seemed to move so slowly those wickedly lowered horns were so near!

The shops were shut, and many of the restaurants, but the windows of the Clubs gleamed radiantly down Piccadilly, and every refreshment-bar and public-house was thronged to bursting. Noon changed to evening, and evening lengthened into night, and the pavements began to be crowded.

Then the corner house shut off his view. Silvermane lengthened out and stretched lower with his white mane flying and his nose pointed level for the desert. TOWARD the close of the next day Jack Hare arrived at Seeping Springs. A pile of gray ashes marked the spot where the trimmed logs had lain. Round the pool ran a black circle hard packed into the ground by many hoofs.

But broken oaths are ill beginnings. For me, so notably trusted by King Henry, to break my bonds, would shame both Scots and kings; and it were yet more paltry to feign to yield to my Lord of Douglas. Rescue or no rescue, I am England's captive. Gentles, kindly brother Scots, in one way alone can you free me. Give up this wretched land of France, whose troubles are but lengthened by your valour.

It was so agreeable to her to see him again, and hear him talk, to have her ear amused and her whole comprehension filled by his narratives, that she began particularly to feel how dreadfully she must have missed him, and how impossible it would have been for her to bear a lengthened absence. Mrs. Norris was by no means to be compared in happiness to her sister.

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