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She could not force herself to remain there a moment longer. 'We have to go, she said, rising. The motion, scarcely felt, elevated her head, the line of her sight. But she could not shake the feeling of being deep under the water, lungs bursting for air. She wanted to swim with all her strength, upward toward the surface.

The enemy used in their defence explosive musket-balls, no doubt thinking that, bursting over our men in the trenches, they would do some execution; but I do not remember a single case where a man was injured by a piece of one of these shells. When they were hit and the ball exploded, the wound was terrible. In these cases a solid ball would have hit as well.

You see how it was; they had made a wreck of Tom Slade's nerves as a trifling incidental to making the world safe for democracy. He started at every little noise, he broke down in the middle of his talk, he hesitated to cross the street alone, he shuddered at the report of a bursting tire on some unlucky auto.

It is, at all events, certain that it is for you he attacks him, and, to overthrow him, is preparing civil war, which perhaps is bursting forth at the very moment that we speak a war without success. Whichever way it turns, it can only effect evil, for Monsieur is going to abandon the conspiracy." "How, Madame?" "Listen to me. I tell you I am certain of it; I need not explain myself further.

'True, said the other, 'it will be a solemn meeting. Two years of absence is a great deal. 'O Heaven! I shall never dare to face him, cried Hortense, bursting into tears. Covering her face with one hand, she put out the other toward that of her friend. But he was plunged in so deep a reverie, that he did not perceive the movement. Suddenly he came to, aroused by her sobs.

And then suddenly, from the direction of the stables, came a roar of men's voices, a sound of bursting and crashing through the under-wood, a thundering of heavy feet, followed by a whirring of frightened birds into the air. Brooks leaned forward breathing hard, and tightening his newly moistened grip on his heavy knotted stick.

Pierre was utterly distracted by the sob of suffering which arose from the very bowels of these poor folks at first a prayer, growing louder and louder, then bursting forth like a demand in impatient, angry, deafening, obstinate accents, as though to compel the help of Heaven. "Lord, heal our sick!" "Lord, heal our sick!" The shout soared on high incessantly.

The volunteer batteries seemed little behind in their practice their solid shot and bursting shell falling in a perpetual shower and making fearful havoc alternately in the solid masses of the rebels and among the gunners of their artillery.

Pray for mine by-and-by. It will comfort me to know you are praying, darling, even if God is too angry with us to hear!" He held her to his bursting heart, groaning. "If He is angry, it cannot be with you. The sin was mine all mine. He must know!" Later she awakened from a troubled sleep to murmur: "Richard, I dreamed of Bridget-Mary.

Cecilia was turning back to answer this reproach, but the sight of Lady Honoria, who was entering at the other door, deterred her, and she went on'. When she came to her own room, she walked about it some time in a state so unsettled, between anger and disappointment, sorrow and pride, that she scarce knew to which emotion to give way, and felt almost bursting with each.