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"Once," she continued, without appearing to remark the emotion of her auditor, "Mr Delvile thought of uniting him with his cousin Lady Honoria; but he never could endure the proposal; and who shall blame his repugnance? her sister, indeed, Lady Euphrasia, is much preferable, her education has been better, and her fortune is much more considerable.

Dalton had recovered his courage and natural haughtiness. The tone of his voice, rich, tender, and delicately expressive, did not change. "Honoria, you sent for me; and the Duke wishes to see the pictures. The air of the gallery will relieve your faintness." He offered his arm, which she, rising mechanically, accepted. A deep blush crimsoned her features, at the allusion to her weakness.

The second took the form of an announcement in the Morning Post, to the effect that Lady Tobemory, whose lamented death that paper had already chronicled, had left the bulk of her not inconsiderable fortune to her god-daughter Honoria, eldest child of that distinguished officer General St. Quentin.

Then her tone changed. "I won't keep you waiting any longer, I'm coming," she said. Honoria looked round the quaint, little room, with its half-adjusted shelves and cupboards, the floor of it deep in resinous, semi-transparent, wafer-coloured shavings, bidding it adieu. For good or evil, happiness or sorrow, she was sensible it told for much in her life's history.

There's selfishness now, if you like to appropriate a virtue en bloc not leaving a rag, not the veriest scrappit of it for anybody else! And then, has it never occurred to you, that I may be just every bit as greedy of your companionship as you of mine more so, I fancy, because because " Honoria bowed her head and kissed the hand she held, once again.

"In the first place," said Honoria, "I must beg that you will on no occasion attempt to pry into my motives, whatever I may require of you." "That, ma'am, is understood. I have nothing to do with the motives of my employers, and I care nothing about them." "I am glad to hear that," replied Honoria.

"No, no, you are mistaken there," Honoria put in, holding her still closer. "You were tempted to take a rather desperate way out of your difficulties. It would have been unwise, but there was nothing wicked in it. The wrong thing is as Mr. Decies tells you to marry without love, and so make all your life a lie, by pretending to give Richard Calmady that which you do not, and cannot, give him."

I told him so, and he never denied it. But it is a comfort to think he is no loss. Old monster!" "Nay," said Lady Selina, mollified by so much sympathy, "I don't say he is no loss. Honestly speaking between ourselves I think he is a very great loss. An alliance between him and Honoria would have united all the Vipont influence.

That volume was published when he was universally admitted to be the chief of living English poets. It contains about twelve thousand lines. The versification is admirable, the narratives and descriptions full of life. To this day Palamon and Arcite, Cymon and Iphigenia, Theodore and Honoria, are the delight both of critics and of schoolboys.

"You and Billy stay here and see if you can't get that roadster so you can run it to town on its own power," he said to the chauffeur; and over his shoulder to the pair behind him: "If you'll change partners back there, and let Honoria ride on the cushions " Though he could not remotely apprehend his father's reason for the rearrangement, Blount got out, helped Mrs.

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