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Rothschild, the late English banker, though the richest private citizen in the world, and perhaps master of scores of English servants, who sued for the smallest crumbs of his favor, was, as a subject of the government, inferior to the veriest scavenger among them.

"It is nearly five o'clock," I said, as we at last had restored everything to order, "and this whole day has been frittered away in the veriest trifles. It isn't living to live so. Who is the better for my being in the world since six o'clock this morning?" "I am for one," she said, kissing my hot cheeks; "and you have given a great deal of pleasure to several persons.

Then suddenly the dogs burst into a chorus of sharp, savage barks, entirely different in character from their former utterances, and quite sufficient in itself to inform even the veriest novice that game of some sort was afoot; the Kafirs' cries of encouragement were redoubled; an occasional rustling and crackling of branches became audible to the intent watchers.

She spoke to him suddenly; her beautiful brown eyes met his own unfalteringly, with a curious antagonism in them. "Shall you shall you be staying to dinner, or have you to catch the early train back to London?" He might have been the veriest stranger. Jimmy flushed scarlet. Kettering turned away and plunged haphazard into conversation with Gladys Leighton.

Sandford, half laughing "you are the veriest Daisy in the world, and do not understand the world that you grow in. No matter; just oblige me, and put on something else to-night. What have you got?" I had other dresses like the rejected one. I had another still, white like them, but the make and quality were different. I hardly knew what it was, for I had never worn it; to please Mrs.

Whatever is, is to me a matter of taste or distaste; or when once it becomes indifferent, it begins to be disrelishing. I am, in plainer words, a bundle of prejudices made up of likings and dislikings the veriest thrall to sympathies, apathies, antipathies. In a certain sense, I hope it may be said of me that I am a lover of my species.

With look like patient Job's, eschewing evil; With motions graceful as the birds in air; Thou art, in sober truth, the veriest devil That e'er clinched fingers in a captive's hair? HALLECK'S Red-Jacket. Although the arrival of the runner was so totally unexpected, it scarcely disturbed the quiet of that grave assembly.

You are, you see, just the veriest woman; and here " he almost cried "is this gift, this precious immortal gift, placed in such shaky small hands as yours." "I'm very sorry," I said, feeling quite ashamed that I had it, he was so much annoyed. "No, no," he said, relenting a little, "do not be sorry marry. Marry quickly. Then there may be recovery."

The very different elements assembled in her home were united by Barbara's unaffected vivacity and frank, enthusiastic temperament, receptive to the veriest trifle. These evening entertainments rarely lacked music; but she had learned to retire into the background, and when there were talented artists among her guests she gave them the precedence.

I see no harm in people making much of themselves in that sense of the word. It may give them a hint how to make much of others. But now what I mean by the word we never do make much of ourselves. None but the poor can do it. I do not mean the veriest poor of all, but persons as we were, just above poverty.

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