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Then the pair clinched, swung around and around, and finally went down, with Dave on top. "Break away there!" sang out Hank Snogger, and caught Dave by the ear. "Git up off him!" "Leave Porter alone!" yelled Sid Todd, and caught Snogger by the hair. "This is the boys' fight, 'tain't yours." "That's right! That's right!" came from several. "Leave the kids alone."

After years of battling with the world, here for the asking was peace and luxury and wealth incalculable, and as Kathleen thought a love that had endured since they were boy and girl together. Yet she shrunk from him a little and clinched her hands before she spoke. "Yes," Kathleen faltered, and afterward she shuddered.

The captain was tramping up and down the room now, as was his wont when excited; his face was flushed, and his hand clinched. He turned suddenly and faced the younger officer, who sat gazing uncomfortably at the rug in front of the fireplace. "Rollins, some day I may tell you a story that I've kept to myself all these years.

John McLean, a judge of the United States Supreme Court and a prominent man in the Methodist Church, was in the congregation, and the next day I called at the United States Hotel to pay my respects to him. He said to me, "My young friend I was very much interested in that story last evening; it clinched the sermon.

His appearance almost frightened me. His countenance wore the hue of a corpse, his whole frame shook with quick shudders, and his eyes were distended until the black pupils shone in the centres of two white circles. Suddenly his teeth clinched audibly; he passed his hand over his forehead streaming with cold sweat; and said in a low voice: "Then you are not dead, madam?"

I might as well stay." The chief rose. He was touched by the settler's laugh; his eyes flashed; his voice took on a sterner note. "The white man must go!" Wilson rose also. He was not a large man, but he was a very resolute one. "I shan't go!" he said, through his clinched teeth. Each man understood the tones of the other perfectly. It was a thrilling, a significant scene.

He found the stock of bar silver on the west face of the Andes that made old Nute Hardman a quarter of a million dollars, clear, after the cursed beast had split it a half dozen ways with a crooked South American government." Barclay's teeth set and he jerked up his clinched hand. "It was a damned steal, Sir Henry.

Come home with me and rest to-night, at least. I owe you a heavy debt, and I should like to pay a little of it." "You owe me nothing!" His eyes gleamed under his hat and his teeth clinched as he spoke. "Nothing, Sir Everard Kingsland! Let us say good-bye. I must reach Worrel by sunrise." "And so you shall. The fleetest steed in my stables shall carry you.

His hands were in his coat pockets, his body bent a little forward, his head and neck outstretched a little beyond it, his eyes almost starting from the sockets, and certainly the most prominent feature in his face; his teeth firmly clinched on his beloved pipe, and his lips expelling a multitude of little clouds so vigorously that one might have taken him for a sort of self-acting intelligent steam-gun that had resolved utterly to annihilate Kate and Harry at short range in the course of two minutes.

Better wine had been served before dessert, and they now shouted and sang so loudly and so out of tune that the air played by the strolling musicians could scarcely be distinguished. Many a table, too, groaned under blows from the clinched fist of some excited reveller. Every one seemed animated by a single desire-to drink again and again.

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