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On the side away from the road was a small wing, and through one of the windows of this wing gleamed a tiny point of light. "A light," she said aloud in surprise. "How strange. The ghost must be at home. Perhaps I was mistaken. No, there it is again. Ghost or no ghost, I'm going to see what it is."

Now I saw whence came the light suffusing this place. High up among the pillars floated scores of orbs that shone like pale gilt frozen suns. Great and small, through all the upper levels these strange luminaries gleamed, fixed and motionless, hanging unsupported in space.

The imperious note in the voice struck Robert with a sudden sense of relief. After all, the Squire was still capable of trampling on Meyrick. In another minute the door had closed on the old doctor, and the two men were alone. Robert was beginning to get used to the dim light. Out of it, the Squire's face gleamed almost as whitely as the tortured marble of the Medusa just above their heads.

The harbour gleamed; far away he saw Miss Aagot's little yacht with the shining masthead. He lost himself in this spectacle. Time passed; suddenly he dived into a basement restaurant that had opened up and asked for a sandwich for breakfast. When he emerged a little later there were many people in the streets; it was getting along toward the time for the boys' parade to start.

I took it from him, and laid it, face downwards, on the wooden table, threw a little water on the back, and with a knife scraped away the porous white paper. Instantly there gleamed up at us the baleful yellow of the gold. I shrugged my shoulders and spread out my hands. The Earl of Chizelrigg laughed aloud and very heartily. 'You see how it is, I cried.

Their howdahs new-lacquered gleamed rose and orange and blue, with crimson and green silk curtains. Their caparisons of rich velvets, hung heavy with new gold fringes. Every elephant turned toward the centre of the arena, coming to pause at his own appointed station, evenly spaced around the circle.

There were a great many humming-birds from various parts of the world, and some of their breasts actually gleamed and shone as with the brightest lustre of sunset. Also, many strange fishes, and a huge pike taken from the river Avon, and so long that I wonder how he could turn himself about in such a little river as the Avon is near Warwick.

Before the ten minutes had expired the black veil of rain-cloud was rolled still farther to the east, and the crescent of the young moon gleamed in the dying twilight. It poured with rain nevertheless during the night Miriam lay and listened, thinking it would be wet and miserable on the following day. She dropped off to sleep, and at four she rose and went to the window and opened it wide.

As she stood in the one, gazing at the other, truer relationship had gleamed. Another touch, and the account of her day is finished. They entered the garden for a minute, and to Mr. Wilcox's surprise she was right. Teeth, pigs' teeth, could be seen in the bark of the wych-elm tree just the white tips of them showing. "Extraordinary!" he cried. "Who told you?"

Close beside us the lights of the town gleamed yellow and cheery. Beyond, the moon was peeping over the Bournemouth hills. 'This way, sir, said the sailor, 'right aft into the cabin, sir. Still following my guide, I found myself in the low cabin of the brig. A square shining table stood in the centre, with a bright swinging lamp above it.