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"Have you been here long?" he asked, although Beth had told him of Eliza's coming to Elmhurst. "Only a short time. And you?" "Two days," said he. "But where did you live before you came here?" She shook her head. "I wish you would answer me," he begged. "I have a reason for asking." "What reason?" she demanded, suddenly serious again.

You did not write the word, you only left a space, and do you know how I filled it at first? 'It was such a relief when you left off coming, I read, and I raged at you. "I have heard it said lately that you are fickle, but these people do not understand you.

"What, ma'am?" "Coming to see a lady in that plight." "This plight?" "Yes, sir!" "Not proper?" "No, sir!" "Why not?" "Because, sir, when a gentleman comes to pay his respects to a lady, it is necessary that he should be clad in a manner, consistent with the errand upon which he comes." "Anan, ma'am'?"

"See?" he chuckled, delightedly. "She knows it has a smell!" She looked toward the door, but shook her head. "Knows she can't pay the price," he interpreted her. Then, she stepped back and looked at the number above the door. "Coming again," he made of that; "ain't going to run no chances of losing the place."

When she crouches for game, each little lion crouches also, and each one remains perfectly still until she springs, or signals them to come. If she secures the prey, they all gorge themselves. After the feast the mother takes her back trail, stepping in the tracks she made coming down the mountain.

At last Ablett told him that he himself and Jack had almost been on the point of leaving him, and that, I think, will bring him to his senses, if anything can. "On Friday we saw Mushell coming in deeply laden, and we heard how he had just missed putting three lasts on board of you.

Sancho Panza hurried to help the poor mad knight who could not move, so great had been the force with which he had fallen, and coming to himself Don Quixote sat up and seeing the windmills declared that an enchanter had put a spell on the giants and changed them into that form, but nevertheless, he continued, the enchanter's wiles would prove to be weak against his own stout will and strong right arm and he would triumph over his enemies.

Clark's boat rounded the shoal: next our turn came, and then the whole line was gliding down the river, the rising roar of the angry waters with which we were soon to grapple coming to us with an added grimness. And now but a faint rim of light saved us from utter darkness. Big Bill Cowan, undaunted in war, stared at me with fright written on his face.

A few days after this Emily was coming down the lane leading to John Mortimer's house, having taken leave of Justina at the railway station. She was reading a letter just received from Valentine, signed for the first time in full, Valentine Melcombe.

The day that Nana which was the pet name given to the little girl was three years old Coupeau, on coming in, found his wife in a state of great excitement.