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Twice Labordette showed an inclination to chat, but she grew impatient and nudged him to make him keep silent. The second act was drawing to a close, when two shadows loomed at the back of the theater. They were creeping softly down, avoiding all noise, and Nana recognized Mignon and Count Muffat. They came forward and silently shook hands with Bordenave.

An old lady was advancing through the drawing-room door, which remained wide open opposite. And in her terror she recognized Mme Hugon but could not explain her presence. Still wearing her gloves and hat, Nana kept edging backward, and her terror grew so great that she sought to defend herself, and in a shaky voice: "Madame," she cried, "it isn't I; I swear to you it isn't.

Mother would be your servant and you would enjoy yourself with my five francs! If she goes to live with you, tell her this, she may croak, I won't even send her a glass of water. Now off you go! Clear out!" "What a monster of a woman!" said Gervaise violently slamming the door. On the morrow she brought mother Coupeau to live with her, putting her bed in the inner room where Nana slept.

This was fortunate; for when, through this relation of my nurse, I was introduced to Nana Furnuwees, and by him to Mahdoo Rao, the latter was pleased to take a fancy for me, and appointed me to the charge of the game preserves. "At the present moment I have just returned from a mission, in disguise, to Scindia's camp. Nana has shown me great kindness.

You won't like it, poor dear, but it's the only way they let goats travel." Garibaldi seemed to understand something of the importance of the occasion, for she walked along beside her little mistress with lowered head. Lucia waited until Nana and Beppi had disappeared through the gate before she started. She knew there was plenty of time and she wanted to be alone.

Then Nana rummaged in her handbag and found quite a heap of provisions which she had taken the precaution of stuffing into it. There was a Strasbourg pate, for instance, and a bag of sweet-meats and some oranges. So they both ate away like ogres and, while they satisfied their healthy young appetites, treated one another with easy good fellowship.

I shall pour my medicine into Nana's bowl, and she will drink it, thinking it is milk! It was the colour of milk; but the children did not have their father's sense of humour, and they looked at him reproachfully as he poured the medicine into Nana's bowl. 'What fun, he said doubtfully, and they did not dare expose him when Mrs. Darling and Nana returned.

He was a believer in the devil, and, in a confused kind of way, Nana was he, with her laughter and her bosom and her hips, which seemed swollen with many vices. But he promised himself that he would be strong nay, he would know how to defend himself. "Well then, it's agreed," said the prince, lounging quite comfortably on the divan.

He so annoyed Nana that she ended by beating him. Meanwhile Fauchery had returned, his cousin having brought him. Poor Fauchery had now set up housekeeping. After having thrown over the countess he had fallen into Rose's hands, and she treated him as a lawful wife would have done. Mignon was simply Madame's major-domo.

Why, my dear girl, his wife's Fauchery's mistress. It probably began in the country. Some time ago, when I was coming here, Fauchery left me, and I suspect he's got an assignation with her at his place tonight. They've made up a story about a journey, I fancy." Overcome with surprise, Nana remained voiceless. "I suspected it," she said at last, slapping her leg.