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Annie Millner, wearing a new ring and carrying a great happiness in her heart, went often to see how the cottage was progressing and how the trees were growing. For the hill-slope was covered with the gray-green of young olive trees, the dense, dark foliage of young oranges, and the stunted, scraggy boughs of the Japanese persimmon.

Caldrons of shrimp, crabs, prawns, and lobsters bubbled, and monstrous heaps of tiny oysters were being opened. Fresh fruit was in rich hoards: bananas, oranges, custard-apples, papayas, pomegranates, mangoes, and guavas.

Fortunately the proprietor spoke what he thought was English, and we were able to secure very good rooms overlooking the harbor. How delicious the cool, marble-floored room appeared to us! How we luxuriated in the fresh, cold water, the juiciest of oranges, the iced pineapples, and all the delicious fruits they brought us, and, above all, in the balmy air and the feeling of repose and rest!

He was to present to the imperial master, of whose near relationship he had no idea, a little basket filled with beautiful oranges from our garden in Villagarcia, which you know.

And we got some flowers to go on the dinner-table for Father's party. And we got hardbake and raspberry noyau and peppermint rock and oranges and a coconut, with other nice things. We put it all in the top long drawer. It is H. O.'s play drawer, and we made him turn his things out and put them in Father's old portmanteau.

Basil Hill sends us a packing-case of exquisite oranges every summer, and when she comes to see Mamma she almost always brings us a surprise packet last time it was five pounds of the most beautiful sweets in Rundle Street, and the time before it was all Miss Alcott's books." "But if everybody was the same, people wouldn't have to give you things," said Mollie. "You'd have them yourself."

"Well, I vote for oranges," said Martin, going towards a tree which was laden with ripe fruit. "An' I'll try plums, by way of variety," added his companion. In a few minutes several kinds of fruit and nuts were gathered and spread at the foot of the tree under which they had reposed.

Jake bought everything the newsboys offered him: candy, oranges, brass collar buttons, a watch-charm, and for me a “Life of Jesse James,” which I remember as one of the most satisfactory books I have ever read.

Young Senor, did you know that, per head of population, the poor Cuban is taxed for the necessities of life imported into this island three and a half times as much as the rich American is taxed for the goods entering the United States? "Even that is not all. Here, in Cuba, we grow sugar, tobacco, pineapples, and citrus fruit, like oranges, grapefruit and lemons.

Look at me" and down went the silver, and venting her joy, the poor child fell; crying and laughing together, into the old man's arms. Was he a man? A face dark and hollow, all overgrown with hair black as night and uncombed a pair of wild eyes a body bent nearly double hands like claws. "Did he give you all this, my child?" "They all did, Father; now you shall have soup and oranges."

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