On either side the banks were covered with such immense trees as we had never dreamed of. The ferns were more like trees than plants, and the colors of leaves and flowers so gorgeous they were dazzling. The fruits were many and delicious, but our father was very careful about our eating, and would not allow us to indulge as we desired.

How many may we have?" "Two apiece, and no more," said Norah firmly. "'Tis blunting your appetite for supper if ye take more than two. Are they good, Twaddles?" Twaddles' mouth was too full for an answer, but his eyes spoke for him. Those cookies were simply delicious. "Bobby!" cried Meg from the window where she had wandered with her cakes.

Undoubtedly his feet were sore and swollen, red and fevered. He drank from the miry pool, and then, trousers rolled to his knees, sunk foot and ankle in the delicious coolness. Presently he lay back, feet yet in mud and water, body flat upon cool black earth, overhead a thick screen of willow leaves. "Ef I had a corn pone and never had to move I wouldn't change for heaven.

The water was delicious on that hot day in the steamy jungle, and the band was refreshed Mark having hard work to refrain from chasing some gorgeous butterfly of green and gold, or with wings painted in pearl-blue, steel, and burnished silver. At other times some lovely kingfisher, with elongated tail, settled almost within reach.

I know him. A wonderful book! Admirable dialectic! Delicious style! 'Not quite orthodox, I fancy, replied Godwin, with a curling of the lips. 'Orthodox? Oh, of course not, of course not! But a rich vein of humanity. Don't you find that? Pray allow me to throw off my overcoat. Ha, thanks! A rich vein of humanity. Walsh is by no means to be confused with the nullifidians.

She sat on the ship's deck, and a delicious languor, unlike any former experience, grew and grew upon her. The coaxing graces of pretty women she never caricatured. Her skin was of the dark red tint which denotes a testy disposition. She had fierce one-sided wars for trivial reasons, and was by nature an aggressive partisan, even in the cause of a dog or a cat.

Archie walked slowly to the door, then said in a tone of envious admiration which contained a note of regret: 'I suppose you'll order a delicious pudding? She went to fetch the children, who were excited at the prospect of a theatre. The elder Mrs Ottley was a pleasant woman, who understood and was utterly devoted to her daughter-in-law.

In front was an extensive garden; and as Mr. Thompson had made it one of his first objects when he built his house to plant a large number of tropical trees and shrubs, these had now attained a considerable size, and afforded a delicious shade. At a short distance behind the house were the houses of the men, and the corrals, or enclosures, for the cattle.

He had no idea that he had come so far. The boys were not in sight, but their shouts and laughter assured him that they were all right, obeying his instructions; so he struck out toward the little island. A few vigorous strokes brought him to the shore -he could almost have waded across from the point -and he climbed upon a rock and sat in the warm sunshine. How delicious it felt on his body!

However, we visited a reservoir instead, where a pipe took away the overflow, and here we got a real cold bath in limpid water, on a shingly bottom, a delicious experience. After evening stables Williams and I got leave to go down to town.