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Jim's head fell back, the fierce light went out of his eyes, the face became grayer and sharper. "Sally Nancy Nancy," he whispered, and his fingers clutched vaguely at the quilt. "He must have brandy or he will die. The system is pumped out. He must be revived," said the doctor. He reached again for the glass of spirits. Jim understood now.

"Already I have been terrible. What will Stephanie say?" "You've been nothing of the sort, and who is Stephanie?" "She is a big black woman very fierce. It is because of Stephanie that the fairies have gone away from here." "If we wait a minute, maybe they'll come out." "No. I have waited many times and I never saw them." "Somehow I feel sure we'll see 'em this time," he urged.

Could they have been stopped by robbers? or could any Indians have attacked them? Such things had occurred before now, we were told. Sometimes bands of the fierce Araucanian Indians had been known to make incursions into the province from the south, and to attack farm-houses and even villages among the mountains.

And what do you think they found in the pockets?" "I cannot imagine." "No, I don't think you would guess. Every pocket stuffed with pennies and half-pennies 421 pennies and 270 half-pennies. It was no wonder that it had not been swept away by the tide. But a human body is a different matter. There is a fierce eddy between the wharf and the house.

He was a man of fierce, stern, implacable disposition, not a lovely character, according to any of the chroniclers, but he seems to have been fairer, and in his own way he had treated the unfortunate monarch better, than any of the others, unless it was De Soto. Possibly Hernando might have restrained his brother from the last infamy he was about to perpetrate if he had been there.

As if Ilbrahim's sweetness yet lingered round his ashes, as if his gentle spirit came down from heaven to teach his parent a true religion, her fierce and vindictive nature was softened by the same griefs which had once irritated it.

She kept the two ideas of the actual niece and the ideal one whom she might have loved so much distinct and separate in her mind, and was divided between a longing to see the girl and a fierce dread of her sudden appearance.

'My grandfather could hardly obtain an order instantaneously, and I have a fair start. So M. de Bellaise lent him some clothes, and he appeared at supper as a handsome lively-looking youth, hardly come to his full height, for he was only seventeen, with a haughty bearing, and large, almost fierce dark eyes, under eyebrows that nearly met. At supper he told us his story.

The face of the Earl grew red and pale in a breath, and successive emotions of envy and old rivalship, humbled pride and fierce discontent, passed across his turbulent heart.

She knew that he understood her character and appreciated her struggles, and it soothed her fierce, proud heart, in some degree to receive from him those tokens of constant remembrance which she so yearned to have from Russell.

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