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Lord John Russell was not likely to be regardless of this movement, nor unaware of the strongly marked current of opinion in France in favour of expansion.

"He evidently means that the man was wounded by his fellow-slave," said Mr Russell. The black sailor watched the officer, and then thrust his hand behind the slave to take a short, flat piece of wood from the poor wretch's waistband a piece of heavy wood, shaped something like a willow leaf. "The weapon evidently," said Mr Russell; "but I don't see why he should wound his fellow-sufferer."

We chatterers spend all our time playing to you quiet people." "Yes; we're only the audience." "'Only!" she echoed. "Why, we live for you, and we can't live without you." "I wish you couldn't," said Russell. "That would be a new experience for both of us, wouldn't it?" "It might be a rather bleak one for me," she answered, lightly.

That branch of the profession was then passing away, but there were lawyers who lived by their skill in preparing answers, rejoinders, sur-rejoinders, rebutters, and sur-rebutters. Russell had acquired a large amount of special learning in the law, but he had no capacity to comprehend principles, nor could he see the application of old decisions to new cases.

Its proceedings created the acutest public interest, drawn out over long months, up to the day when Sir Charles Russell had before him in the witness-box the original vendor of the letters one Pigott.

Lohr, myself," she said, adding in explanation to Russell, as she reached the door, "He's an old friend of my husband's and it's a very long time since he's been here."

There was no valid answer to his argument, except that another collision with the house of lords must be avoided at any tolerable cost, for, as Russell bluntly said, "the country could not stand a revolution once a year". Thus lightened, and slightly modified in the interest of Irish incumbents, the bill passed through committee and was read a third time by very large majorities, the minority being mainly composed of its old radical partisans.

The remaining two hundred and twenty pounds accurately, L220 12s. were made up of sums of five, ten, and twenty pounds, the principal contributors being the Dukes of Bedford and of Devonshire, who gave twenty pounds each; Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg subsequently King Leopold of Belgium the Duke of Northumberland, the Earl of Cardigan, Lord John Russell, Sir Thomas Baring, and six other noblemen, who subscribed ten pounds; and a few others who gave five pounds each.

George R. Russell, Francis G. Shaw and Theodore Parker, with their wives and members of their families, were very friendly visitors. There were numerous ladies, also, who came. I remember Miss A. P. Peabody, Pauline Wright, Mary Gove and sweet Lydia Maria Child, of New York.

A day or two after he joined there was an entertainment of some sort going on in barracks, and during a pause Sir Baker Russell turned round to Baden-Powell, and said, "Here, young 'un, you can play a bit, I'm sure"; and up went Baden-Powell to the piano, as if obeying an order.