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"Looks like you ain't just so awful pleased to have me boardin' with Pap," Shade began truculently, when it appeared that the girl was not going to open any conversation with him. "Maybe you wasn't a-carin' for my company down street this evenin'." "No," said Johnnie, bluntly but very quietly. "I wish you hadn't come to the house to board. I have told you to let me alone."

"Not so," answered the Spartan haughtily; "the morning to affairs, the evening to recreation. We shall sail in the bay to see the moon rise, and if we indulge in consultations, it will be over our winecups. It is a good custom." "It is a Persian one," said Cimon bluntly. "It is permitted to us," returned the Spartan coldly, "to borrow from those we conquer. But enough of this.

The thoughtful knitting of his heavy brows relaxed, and he glanced at the preoccupied face of his companion. "There's a heap of things I'd like to ask you, Steve," he said bluntly. "And a whole heap I wouldn't. It's the sort of position I don't generally reckon to find myself in," he added, with a twinkle in his deep-set eyes. "You see, I mostly know the things I want to say.

My father came in while I was still dressing. "Hear you've given up California," he said bluntly; "do you think that's wise? . . . Where do you keep your bell?" I showed him. "How many times do you ring if you want a cocktail?" "Twice. If you'll ring four times I'll have one with you. I spilt mine."

When the master of ceremonies ordered them to comply with the king's commands, Mirabeau, the most distinguished statesman among the deputies, told him bluntly that they would not leave their places except at the point of the bayonet. The weak king almost immediately gave in and a few days later ordered all the deputies of the privileged orders who had not already done so to join the commons.

But I assure you, Aunt Euphemia, it does not please me to hear you do so." "You are a very obstinate girl!" "That attribute of my character I fancy I inherit from daddy-professor's side of the family," the girl returned bluntly. "I shall be shamed to death! I must accept the Perritons' invitation. I already have accepted it. They will think you a very queer girl, to say the least."

Her whisper was lost in the wind, but Gregory, following her frightened glance, saw Robert Clinton elbowing his way through the crowd, forcing his progress bluntly, or jovially, according to the nature of obstruction. He did not see them and, by dodging, they escaped. The nearness of danger had paled Grace's cheeks.

He listened, but listened throughout with no word of sympathy rather with impatience, which grew at last into derisive incredulity. When I had done he asked me bluntly what I called myself. Scarcely understanding what he meant, I repeated my name. He answered, rudely and flatly, that it was impossible. I do not believe it, sir! he repeated, his brow dark. 'You are not the man.

He cleared the sofa with a sweep of his arm which sent the books flying on to the floor. "Ernest," said MacTavish, "I want you to give Miss Trevert here a letter to some reliable fellow in Rotterdam who can assist her in making a few enquiries of a very delicate nature!" "What sort of enquiries?" asked Dulkinghorn bluntly. "About a firm called Elias van der Spyck," replied Euan.

To-day he really behaved outrageously; and, since the priest maintained a straight countenance, I think the wonder is that he didn't excommunicate him. 'I remember you were a teetotaller, André, when you were young, his host began, pushing a decanter towards him. 'That, monsieur, was because my mother wished it, and my father was a drunkard, André answered bluntly.