"I should have to know a lot more about it, before I could be sure what to think." An old impatience, at an old variance between their ways of thought, came out with an edge in Marise's tone as she said hotly, "Oh, Neale, don't take that line of yours! You know all there is to know, now! What else could you find out?

"There's the Passon " she began. "Oh, dear me!" exclaimed Maryllia, with a little shrug of impatience; "Worse than the bone-boiler! a thousand times worse! There! That will do, Nancy! I'll stroll about till dinner's ready."

It's only a matter of hours now, Kathleen; then I can loaf for the rest of my days." She shook her head. "Unless you take rest you cannot stand the strain. Mother tells me you worked all last night and far into the morning." "My brain is clearer at night, and I have always required very little sleep." He frowned with growing impatience. "There is no use discussing the subject."

There was once a girl who was idle and would not spin, and let her mother say what she would, she could not bring her to it. At last the mother was once so overcome with anger and impatience, that she beat her, on which the girl began to weep loudly.

He's willing to sublet me his storeroom so that'll be all right! Eh?" "Yes," said Edwin, seeing that his approval was being sought for. "We must fix that machine plumb again." "I suppose the floor's as firm as rocks now?" Edwin suggested. "Eh! Bless ye! Yes!" said his father, with a trace of kindly impatience. The policy of makeshift was to continue.

The multitude gave vent to their impatience by shouting, singing, and quarrelling; but the priests and magnates on the steps preserved a dignified and solemn silence.

This necessitated drying at the fire a slow process and disagreeable in all circumstances, but especially so when connected with impatience and headstrong obstinacy.

I obeyed the late Monsieur by not troubling him with my embraces, and always conducted myself towards him with respect and submission. He was a good sort of man, notwithstanding his weaknesses, which, indeed, oftener excited my pity than my anger. I must confess that I did occasionally express some impatience, but when he begged pardon, it was all forgotten.

She flung herself with an air of gloomy impatience on the nearest chair, and, putting her elbows on the table, propped her chin on her palms and stared with a frown at the empty fireplace opposite to her. For a moment or two Margaret did not speak, but stole anxious glances at the sad face of her new acquaintance, whose rapid changes of mood she found it exceedingly difficult to keep pace with.

And yet the two or three intervening leagues to be traversed so slowly, step by step how vast the distance seemed! Even at far Riolama, when I set out on my return, I scarcely seemed so far from my love. This maddening impatience told on my strength, which was small, and hindered me.