Hewet and Rachel had long ago reached the particular place on the edge of the cliff where, looking down into the sea, you might chance on jelly-fish and dolphins.

I recognized both men. I thought a shell must have struck me. I must be dead and in a new world. I let my horse edge nearer, not believing until ears confirmed eyes. I heard Colonel Kirby speak, very loud, indeed, as a man to whom good news comes. "Ranjoor Singh!" said he; and he took him by the hand and wrung it.

Valentin shook his head at his friend's proposal that he should get into Newman's own vehicle, and stopped on the edge of the pavement. "I must go off alone," he said; "I must look up a couple of friends who will take charge of this matter." "I will take charge of it," Newman declared. "Put it into my hands." "You are very kind, but that is hardly possible.

Then he and the rangers carefully stepped in the tracks of the Yaqui. They climbed up to the level of the rim and went along the edge. When they reached the fissure and came upon its narrowest point, Yaqui showed in his actions that he meant to leap it. Ladd restrained the Indian. They then continued along the rim till they reached several bridges of lava which crossed it.

There was another roar of applause, and as a dozen cups filled with water were pushed at the general, he drank deeply and often, and then retired amid further applause. "They'll fight well for him, to-morrow," said Dick. "No doubt of it," said Warner. They went into the edge of the wood and sought sleep and rest.

Position: A plank ten feet long, and from nine to twelve inches broad, to be firmly fixed on edge on the ground, as the line between us, which neither is to pass his foot over on forfeit of his life.

This is a beautiful spot," he added, as we stood on the edge of the cliff and looked far out over the tossing waves of the sound. "What is on that other point?" asked Kennedy, turning again toward the harbour itself. "There is a large cottage colony there," she replied. "Of course many of the houses are still closed so early in the season, but it is a beautiful place in the summer.

It was now quite dark, and as I crept around the edge of the cliff, I saw at a little distance a great fire around which were many figures apparently human figures.

At length came an interval; just for an instant John Steele's eyes shut; the fingers that had held the pen closed on the edge of the table. A quick passing expression of ferocity hovered at the corners of the observer's thick lips; he got up; at the same time John Steele rose and stepped abruptly back. "You know how to write your name?"

Nay, some have been so curious, as to note, that the times when the stroke or percussion of an envious eye doth most hurt, are when the party envied is beheld in glory or triumph; for that sets an edge upon envy: and besides, at such times the spirits of the person envied, do come forth most into the outward parts, and so meet the blow.