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Cardinal Newman was not ashamed to talk of "chucking" a thing off, or getting into a "scrape." So perhaps a humble disciple may be permitted to say that Arnold pointed his criticisms with "chaff." This method of depreciating literary performances which one dislikes, of conveying dissent from literary doctrines which one considers erroneous, had fallen out of use in our literary criticism.

"You mean the young lady below stairs, in a baignoire in a pink dress?" said Newman. "Did you notice what a brilliant kind of pink it was?" Valentin inquired, by way of answer. "It makes her look as white as new milk." "White or black, as you please. But you have stopped going to see her?" "Oh, bless you, no. Why should I stop? I have changed, but she hasn't," said Valentin.

She closed her eyes, as if with the pain of hearing it; then he drew her towards him and clasped her to his breast. He kissed her white face; for an instant she resisted and for a moment she submitted; then, with force, she disengaged herself and hurried away over the long shining floor. The next moment the door closed behind her. Newman made his way out as he could.

'Which, unless I am very much mistaken, observed Mrs Kenwigs in making the proposition, 'will not be very long; for such clever children, Mr Noggs, never were born into this world, I do believe. 'There, said Newman, 'that's all. It's beneath you, I know; but I thought that perhaps you might 'Might! cried Nicholas, with great alacrity; 'of course I shall. I accept the offer at once.

"The service was to sing your praises, was it not?" And she accompanied this question with a little smile, as if to make it easier to herself. "Yes, that is what it really amounts to," said Newman. "Did he sing my praises?" "He spoke very well of you. But when I know that it was by your special request, of course I must take his eulogy with a grain of salt."

"No, I didn't meet him, I am happy to say," Newman answered, after a pause. "They are in the country," Mrs. Tristram went on; "at what is the name of the place? Fleurieres. They returned there at the time you left Paris and have been spending the year in extreme seclusion. The little marquise must enjoy it; I expect to hear that she has eloped with her daughter's music-master!"

Even a reduction in the monstrous number of Irish Bishoprics pertaining to the establishment was indignantly denounced as sacrilege, and was the immediate cause of Keble's sermon on National Apostasy to which the famous "movement" has been traced. John Henry Newman was at that time residing in Oriel, not as a tutor, but as Vicar of St. Mary's.

As he was setting out on a distant and somewhat hazardous expedition, his native servants tied round the neck of the mule a small bag supposed to be of preventive and mystic virtue. As the place was crowded and a whole townspeople looking on, Mr. Newman thought that he would take an opportunity of disproving the superstition.

Captain Briggs, Telfer, and Young, together with a large number of other ranks, were taken prisoners; Briggs and Telfer were also wounded. West was badly wounded. Captain Andrews, Captain Mordecai and Donald Allen were all wounded quite early in the day. Out of nineteen combatant officers eighteen were casualties. The non-combatants, Padre Newman and Dr.

With every feeling of reverent attachment to your Lordship, "I am, &c." Mary the Virgin's, Oxford, by way of relieving my conscience, do hereby solemnly protest against the measure aforesaid, and disown it, as removing our Church from her present ground and tending to her disorganization. "John Henry Newman. "November 11, 1841."

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