The volunteers of high rank who were then serving on the staff of the stadholder the Duke of Holstein, the Prince of Anhalt, two young Counts Solms, and others had been invited and even urged to abandon the field while there was yet time for setting them on board the fleet.

And in the eruption-scene we must burn the red fire, and upset the tea-trays, and make all sorts of noisesand it’s sure to do.’ ‘Sure! sure!’ cried all the performers unâ voceand away hurried Mr. Sempronius Gattleton to wash the burnt cork off his face, and superintend the ‘setting up’ of some of the amateur-painted, but never-sufficiently-to-be-admired, scenery. Mrs.

Then his absorption in what was going on about him made him forget his personal fortunes. The setting for the great drama was wild and picturesque in the extreme. On one side stretched the long, gleaming lake, a lake of wildness and beauty associated with so much of romance and peril in American story. Over them towered the crest of the peak later known as Defiance.

It was as if she had lifted him first in her beautiful arms, had raised him up high, high, high, to do it, pressing him to her immortal young breast while he let himself go, and then, by some extraordinary effect of her native force and her alien quality, setting him down exactly where she wanted him to be which was a thousand miles away from her.

A small, round glade of living green, watered by a whispering stream that lost itself the Lord knew where, it lay like a tiny gem in the pink stone setting. Trees stood in utter quiet about its edges, for there was here no slightest breath of air. Lush grass carpeted its level floor.

I may make about seventy-five different kinds of a fool of myself, but I guess I sha'n't do any particular harm." "You'll do good, sir, to every one." "Shall I? said Tembarom, speculatively. "Well, I'm not exactly setting out with that in my mind. I'm no Young Men's Christian Association, but I'm not in for doing harm, anyway.

This being all done with, we gave one day to bending our sails; and at night, every sail, from the courses to the skysails, was bent, and every studding-sail ready for setting. Before our sailing, an unsuccessful attempt was made by one of the crew of the California to effect an exchange with one of our number.

You have that within you well worthy of better setting, nobler environment, and you wrong yourself to remain content with less. You are mine now wherever you go, whatever triumphs you win; mine in spite of the law, because I possess your heart. I should doubt myself far sooner than ever question your loyalty.

Then I got the night glass and, setting it to my focus, raised it to my eye, pointing it out over the starboard quarter and sweeping it slowly and carefully to right and left.

He put on the light overcoat the butler held ready for him, thinking he would take one look at Esther before setting out. It was still very early; the life of the house had not yet begun. He knew that he would not find the chemist's shop open, and it might be several hours before he could accomplish much, but his restless state would not permit him to remain inactive.