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What nobler restoration of order, what clearer vindication of the laws of Nature from the disorder of diseases, than to recall the dead to their natural and normal period of life?" I was silent a few moments, having nothing to answer; then "After all, these may have been restorations of the law of Nature. But why was the law broken in order to restore it?

Among his political works the Freeholder is entitled to the first place. Even in the Spectator there are few serious papers nobler than the character of his friend Lord Somers, and certainly no satirical papers superior to those in which the Tory fox-hunter is introduced.

Was it best to relieve the helpless hands of Fred and Susan of their natural duties, and bear these burdens for them, and disable herself, when her time came, from the nobler natural yoke in which her full womanly influence might have told to an extent impossible to it now?

Besides, I don't choose that she should know how much this artful wretch has outwitted, as I may call it, a person so much his superior in all the nobler qualities of the human mind. The generosity of your heart, and the greatness of your soul, full well I know; but do offer to dissuade me from this correspondence. Mr.

The artist who happens to be moulded according to the modern pattern, however, regards the dreamy gropings and hesitating speech of his nobler colleague with contempt, and leads forth the whole brawling mob of assembled passions on a leash in order to let them loose upon modern men as he may think fit.

How calm, how unmoved, he seemed amid the wreck of his fortunes. Yes, his was true strength the strength of self-mastery. How different, how far nobler than the vehemence of De Burgh's will, which was too strong for his guidance! But Lady Alice could never have loved Errington never or she would have loved on and waited for him till the time came when union might be possible.

"From the hired menials of your palace, lady, to be confided to those who will serve your person from a nobler motive." "And my maternal friend my ghostly adviser?" "They will be permitted to repose from their trusts, during your absence." An exclamation from Donna Florinda, and an involuntary movement of the monk, betrayed their mutual concern.

I make not this comparison out of the least design to detract from these worthy writers, for it is well known among mythologists that weeds have the pre-eminence over all other vegetables; and therefore the first monarch of this island whose taste and judgment were so acute and refined, did very wisely root out the roses from the collar of the order and plant the thistles in their stead, as the nobler flower of the two.

Although this last is prodigiously important as a means of improvement in the hands of those who are themselves impelled by nobler principles of action, I do not believe that any one of the survivors of the Benthamites or Utilitarians of that day now relies mainly upon it for the general amendment of human conduct.

At the tables the elder women were gambling. and intent on their little gains and losses, while the vast play of a nobler game was going on in the greater world of men. To my surprise, I saw among the guests an English lieutenant. I say "to my surprise," for the other officers had gone of their own accord, or had been ordered to leave by the Committee of Safety.

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