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Boone was fond of speaking of himself as a "self-made man," and the satirical were not slow to add that he had no other worship than his "creator." This was a gibe made rather for the antithesis than its accuracy, for even Boone's enemies owned that he was a good neighbor, and, where his prejudices were not in question, a man with few distinctly repellent traits.

He was witty and satirical, he rose to yet new views of sentiment, of ideas and imagery in literature.

Pen did not forget to amuse Miss Blanche with the history which he had learned at Richmond of the Chevalier's imprisonment, and of Altamont's gallant rescue. And after he had told his tale in his usual satirical way, he mentioned with praise and emotion little Fanny's generous behaviour to the Chevalier, and Altamont's enthusiasm in her behalf.

Moved, therefore, to compassion, Mr. Dale said mildly, "Those chairs are very treacherous, sir. I'm afraid you'll be down." "Eh," said the traveller, looking up much astonished. "Eh, down? oh, you're satirical, sir." "Satirical, sir? upon my word, no!" exclaimed the parson, earnestly.

Moreover, Voltaire was normally satirical, restless, inclined to vanity and jealousy, and that terrible pen of his could never be brought to respect persons and places. With a martinet like Frederick, the visit was sure to end in a quarrel, despite the admiration of the prince for the poet.

It does not quite imply unselfishness; and that is perceived by her shrewd head. Still he is a very uncommon figure in her circle, and she esteems him, l'homme aux rubans verts, 'who sometimes diverts but more often horribly vexes her, as she can say of him when her satirical tongue is on the run.

For all its breadth of shoulder and six feet of height; for all its inherited stoicism that had stood through generations, it was shaking with sobs. As Alexander came into the room her brother rose from his knees with pallid cheeks and woebegone eyes. "Who shot him?" he demanded in a tense voice. "These hyar folks won't tell me nuthin'." The girl repressed an impulse of satirical laughter.

Arbuthnot, the satirical sketch of Addison who had offended Pope by praising a rival translation of Homer is as brilliant as any thing of the kind in Dryden. Pope's very malignity made his sting sharper than Dryden's. He secreted venom, and worked out his revenges deliberately, bringing all the resources of his art to bear upon the question of how to give the most pain most cleverly.

Mad, you could do everything with me, and with little Bill and Bob. We should no longer be egotistical and frivolous, with you to keep us right, you good, single-hearted Mad." Miss Sandys was entitled to say, "You have come out this Christmas, Miss West. I shan't allow my assistant to be taken off her satirical staid feet another Christmas. I'll lock the next one up for the holidays.

I'm a settin' on Mr. and Mrs. Raggles's sofy, which they bought with honest money, and very dear it cost 'em, too. And I'm thinkin' if I set here until I'm paid my wages, I shall set a precious long time, Mrs. Raggles; and set I will, too ha! ha!" and with this she filled herself another glass of the liquor and drank it with a more hideously satirical air. "Trotter!