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From a printed curiosity a letter written by one of those brave and confident Hindoo strugglers with the English tongue, called a "babu" I got a more compressed translation: "Godville." It is perfectly correct, but that is the most that can be said for it. We arrived in the forenoon, and short-handed; for Satan got left behind somewhere that morning, and did not overtake us until after nightfall.

This learned ecclesiastic appears to have travelled about through different districts of India, patiently collecting the stories and traditions which related to the life of his master. These he wove into a Sanscrit poem, which three hundred years later was translated into Chinese, from which version our present translation is made.

Then he thought he might write and earn a little money that way; he had read all Sir Walter Scott's novels in a translation thirty-two volumes I think he said; he admired them immensely and was thinking of writing a romance; he had in fact an idea for one, and would I be so good as to give him my opinion about it?

"I went down, rightly conjecturing, as it turned out, that the party, whoever they might be, had no artillery; and received at the point of my sword a scroll of which the following is a translation. "'To Goliah Gahagan Gujputi. "'LORD OF ELEPHANTS, SIR, I have the honour to inform you that I arrived before this place at eight o'clock p.m. with ten thousand cavalry under my orders.

"Heaven only knows what he is I don't. What he SAID was Latin; I do happen to know that. Still" he turned to the boy ironically "of course you know the translation of that," he said. "Oh, yes. 'I count no hours but unclouded ones' and I liked that.

At the beginning is a note to the effect that in the place of the prologue Marino's Notte was to be presented a triumph over the death of the centaur. The cast is given, and includes three undergraduates, five bachelors, and five masters. After translation the next process in logical sequence is direct imitation.

As one of the dogs celebrated everywhere, Ma'amselle would observe. Ma'amselle was a little slow to observe it, as though she were not yet well accustomed to the French tongue. Mrs General, however, observed it for her. 'Ask him if he has saved many lives? said, in his native English, the young man who had been put out of countenance. The host needed no translation of the question.

The code employed was the route cipher in common use in the service, and with the help of the words "Bayou" and "Sara" as guides the meaning was not hard to make out. Banks did not trust to this, however, and waited until, late at night, he received from the Superintendent an official translation, still without date, as indeed was the original document received at headquarters from New Orleans.

"And Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him." Such is the record in Genesis, but when we turn to the eleventh of Hebrews, the faith chapter, we find that "by faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found because God had translated him, for; before his translation, he had this testimony that he pleased God."

Called Caitaio in the original, but obviously Cathay, or Northern China, in which we have formerly seen that there were Nestorian Christians. In Lichefilds translation, the account of the day of these Indian Christians runs thus, which we do not pretend to understand: "They have their day, which they do call Intercalor, which is of forty hours."