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Next in order, in the Old, stand the poetical books, from Job through the Song of Songs, with which the New Testament has no analogy except the liturgical hymns connected with the nativity, preserved in the opening chapters of Matthew and Luke. The third group in the Old Testament includes the prophecies from Isaiah through Malachi.

The agreement also includes methods for arbitrating differences. The acid test of the union is its capacity to live up to this trade agreement. For the purpose of forcing its policies upon its employers and society the unions have resorted to the strike and picketing, the boycott, and the union label.

The contents of the first cases will at once strike him: here are the Petrels, and the associations of shipwreck and disaster with which they have ever been connected. The group includes the stormy petrel, and the albatross. They have an altogether wild and singular appearance.

I said to him that I had been informed that the conservative reformers, as well as the radicals, included woman suffrage in their programs. Aladyn looked puzzled for a moment, and then he replied: "All parties desire universal suffrage. Naturally that includes women." Finland at that time, 1906, had recently won its independence from the autocracy and was preparing for its first general election.

Of those who have had glimpses of that larger area of consciousness which includes an awareness of eternal unity with the cosmos, there are, we believe, many more than students of the subject have any idea of. This century marks a distinct epoch in what is called evolution.

M. Déprez is about to publish a Chancery Roll of Edward II. which includes all the official acts relating to it. Thus, in the summer of 1324 England and France were once more at war. But while England remonstrated and negotiated, France acted. Norman corsairs swept the Channel and pillaged the English coasts. Ponthieu yielded without resistance.

It is situated on a ledge in the escarpment, is perhaps a quarter-mile wide, and includes nothing more elaborate than the station, a row of Indian dukkas, and two houses of South Africans set back towards the rise in the cliffs. A mile or so away, and on a little higher level, stand the extensive buildings of an American mission.

The most degraded does not get so lumpish as the English workman, whose brains have become sodden in the public-houses by long trains of pots of beer. By far the largest portion of the Paris workmen possess furniture: only twenty-one in a hundredand that includes, of course, the mobile population, the masons, etc.—live in furnished lodgings.

The age of the Connecticut beds can not be proved by direct superposition, but may be presumed from the general structure of the country. That structure proves them to be newer than the movements to which the Appalachian or Allegheny chain owes its flexures, and this chain includes the ancient or palaeozoic coal- formation among its contorted rocks.

Peace is to will as God does; so He flows through us, and He is 'the living will that shall endure. The results of obedience will be perfect blessedness. God's will is only for our good. His will for men and nations observed would change the face of the world. Then this prayer includes everything that ardent lovers of their kind would desire.