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Let us open a Chalicodoma grub under the microscope, during the period of torpor. Its contents consists almost entirely of a liquid broth, in which swim numberless oily globules and a fine dust of uric acid, a sort of off-throw of the oxidized tissues.

In the selection of the appropriate antidote, a knowledge of pharmacology is required, especially of the physiological antagonism of drugs. Antidotes may act chemically, by forming harmless compounds, as lime in oxalic acid poisoning; physiologically, the drug which is administered neutralizing more or less completely the poison which has been absorbed; physically, as charcoal.

Nefert had meanwhile left her shady retreat and come towards him. She silently accepted the water he offered her, and drank it with delight, to the very dregs. "'Thank you," she said, when she had recovered breath after her eager draught. "That has done me good! How fresh and acid the water tastes; but your hand shakes, and you are heated by your quick run for me poor man."

As follows from the formula two equivalents of permanganate of potash are required for the titration of three equivalents of protoxide of manganese, which has also been established by direct experiments, as well as that the escape of carbonic acid indicated by the formula actually takes place.

The separated laminae are pure silver, which is to be digested with ammonia until it ceases to be colored blue. The silver, after being washed and dried, is again dissolved in nitric acid, and the liquid, diluted with water, is kept as solution, of silver. No matter how much salt is used, provided enough be added to throw down all the chloride of silver.

I haven't the least doubt that the hydrocyanic acid which caused his death was taken by him in a pill a pill that was in that box which they found on him, Mitchington, and showed me. But that particular pill, though precisely similar in appearance, could not be made up of the same ingredients which were in the other pills.

But at the end his eyes opened, and sparks of anger or acid humor seemed to dance in them. "I know very well what sort of poetic tomfoolery you are talking about, Nelsen," he said. "I wondered how long it would be before one of you other than my grandson with his undiluted brass, and knowing me far too well in one sense, anyway would have the gall to come here and talk to me like this.

The Academy may remember that I have previously demonstrated facts of this nature in regard to the vibrio of butyric fermentation, which not only lives without air but is killed by the air. It was necessary therefore to attempt to cultivate the septic vibrio either in a vacuum or in the presence of inert gases such as carbonic acid.

The importance of the last two points is demonstrated by the facts that, when oxygen is cut off, alcoholic fermentation giving rise to the well-known odor of apples sets in in the cells, and that in an atmosphere with 20 per cent. of carbonic acid, germination ceases.

Because of its rich color and the high polish it takes, especially the curly and grained portions, its value for cabinet work is being more and more appreciated. On account of the presence of acid and the absence of pitch and rosin in its composition, it resists fire and is therefore a safe wood for building.