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Go back to him, make him hope that Nefert is inclined to him, tell him what distresses the ladies, and if he refuses, but only if he refuses, let him see that you know something of the little dose." The dwarf looked meditatively on the ground, and then said, looking admiringly at the old woman: "That is the right thing."

Mena kissed the king's robe; then he said: "Nefert has left Katuti's house, and as thou knowest has followed thy daughter, Bent-Anat, to the sacred mountain, and to Megiddo." "I thought the change was a good one," replied Rameses. "I leave Bent-Anat in the care of Bent-Anat, for she needs no other guardianship, and your wife can have no better protector than Bent-Anat."

Paaker was not merely outwardly devout; hitherto he had in everything intended to act according to the prescriptions of the religion of his fathers. Adultery was a heavy sin; but had not he an older right to Nefert than the king's charioteer?

"The nosegay here that you have brought me shall be placed in water, and preserved a long time, as greeting from the place in which once I could play carelessly, and dream so happily." With these words she pressed the flowers to her lips; Paaker sprang forward, seized her hand, and covered it with burning kisses. Nefert started and drew away her hand, but he put out his arm to clasp her to him.

But you need only wait till a feast day to wear the jewel that is your own, while my treasure is no more mine than a pearl that I see gleaming at the bottom of the sea." "Thou canst love!" exclaimed Nefert with joyful excitement. "Oh! I thank Hathor that at last she has touched thy heart.

Many rumors were afloat, most of them contradictory; but one was accurate, and confirmed by the temple servants, to the great regret of the crowd Bent-Anat was excluded from the Feast of the Valley. She stood on her balcony with her brother Rameri and her friend Nefert, and looked down on the river, and on the approaching God.

When Nefert entered the room, Bent-Anat was just having the rustling curtain drawn aside by her waiting-women; for the sun was setting, and at that hour she loved to sit on the balcony, as it grew cooler, and watch with devout meditation the departure of Ra, who, as the grey-haired Turn, vanished behind the western horizon of the Necropolis in the evening to bestow the blessing of light on the under-world.

"You mean Paaker, to whom Nefert was promised before she went after Mena." "Paaker was with me the day before yesterday." "With you?" "Yes, with me, with old Hekt to buy a love philter. I gave him one, and as I was curious I went after him, saw him give the water to the little lady, and found out her name." "And Nefert drank the magic drink?" asked the dwarf horrified.

When the prisoners were passing Bent-Anat's tent, she was sitting within with Nefert, and talking, as had become habitual in the hours of dusk, of her father, of Mena, Rameri, and Pentaur. "He is still alive," asserted Nefert. "My mother, you see, says that no one knows with certainty what became of him.

Sooner would she die with her child she said so than ask thee, against whom she sinned, for an "alms." "She did think of me then?" "At once; nor did she doubt thy generosity. She esteems thee highly I repeat it; and if an arrow from a Cheta's bow or a visitation of the Gods attained Mena, she would joyfully place her child in thine arms, and Nefert believe me has not forgotten her playfellow.