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"You don't look like a second-story worker to yours truly." He broke into a little amused chuckle. "I reckon friend husband, who never comes home till Saturday night, happened around unexpectedly and the fire escape looked good to you. Am I right?" The Wyoming man managed a grin. It was not a mirthful one, but it served. "You're a wizard," he said admiringly.

Nothing further was said as they began to thread their way between a few large ships and an ocean steamer at anchor, from whose decks a few Sunday-clothed mariners gazed down admiringly on the smart gig and the pretty girl in a Tam o' Shanter in its stern sheets. But here a new idea struck the consul.

When the last guest had gone, he rose from his chair, with no pretence of spiritual dignity, and counted his money and his tickets. He stretched himself in two chairs, drew his fingers admiringly through his lank locks, while a fatuous grin of perfect content spread over his face, as he said aloud to himself, "She has got it bad. I wonder whether she will have the nerve to ask me.

"I merely wanted to ask if you have sufficient time to let me dictate a few, short letters that ought to go out to-day," said Bobby, sarcastically; and then added with mock apology: "Don't move, Mr. Deever; if you're not in Miss Keating's way, you're certainly not in mine." "A great josher!" that young woman was heard to comment, admiringly.

Tag had kept his bright eyes fastened on Nan's face while she talked, and he gave a little contented whine as Tode stooped and patted his head. "But tell me what you've ben doin', Nan. How'd you get money enough to hire this room an' fix it up so dandy?" Tode inquired, looking about admiringly.

Within was knife, fork, spoon and two flat boxes for salt and pepper. "You see I'm fixed," said he. "Isn't that a cute trick!" she cried admiringly. "You're ready for most anything." "Sure," said Red. "Now, good night, old lady!" He bent down in so natural a fashion that Miss Mattie had kissed him before she knew what she was going to do.

Pepsy fumbled nervously with the Several glasses of lemonade which stood temptingly ready on the counter and glanced fearfully but admiringly at the genius of this magnificent enterprise. It was the biggest moment in her poor little life and Pee-wee was a conquering hero.

"That's just your father's way," exclaimed Mrs. Emery, who had not her daughter's fondness for the Judge's tricks of speech. "He lives as no Dago ditch-digger with a particle of get-up-and-get in him would be willing to," said Judge Emery finally. Lydia turned to her mother. "Why, it's nothing that would interest you in the least, dear," said the matron, taking in admiringly Lydia's French dress.

Don't ever imagine that I shall be disappointed over anything that you do, as long as you remain true to yourself and your manhood. And I will add, if you care to know it, that I approve of what you have done and am proud of you for your grit to do the right thing," "A great girl!" cried Dan admiringly. "Just the kind of girl, too, that I was sure she is."

Sweyn has dismissed Tostig; Sweyn will send fifty ships, armed with picked men, to the aid of England." "Brother," cried Leofwine, admiringly, "thou providest against danger ere we but surmise it." "Tostig," continued the King, unheeding the compliment, "will be the first assailant: him we must meet. His fast friend is Malcolm of Scotland: him we must secure.

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