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"Oh, God help us! he hasn't taken it?" said the woman, falling back a step or two in horror. Effie nodded her head she had no words to speak. She whipped up Jock, and drove quickly down the avenue. A kitchen-maid was on her knees whitening and polishing the front steps. Effie jumped from the gig, and asked the girl to call someone to hold the horse.

He made a sign, the gangway was closed, he gave the word for full steam ahead, and the Hornet began to race through the water before Captain Debney guessed his purpose. "What do you mean to do?" he asked sternly, as he saw his own gig falling astern. "To make it hard for you to blow me to pieces. You've got to do it, of course, if you can, but I must get a start."

The breeze falling, the boats were ordered out, and in a few minutes the barge and the first gig were pulling away in the direction of the stranger. So variable, however, is the weather at this season, that before the boats had rowed a mile from the ship, a thick haze surrounded the ship, and the chase was lost sight of.

As soon as the hoofs of the horse were heard on the gravel, and before the bell could be rung, I used to dart away on tiptoe, fly through the porch, climb into the gig and help the boy to hold the reins while his father was upstairs. This led to what I thought a great discovery. It was about my mother. It was a matter of milk. The doctor's boy had heard his father saying so.

Among these there was not a morsel of food, nor a drop of drinking water; but there was the ship's compass, still in good condition; and the sailor knew that this treasure was too precious to be parted with: as it would enable them to keep to their course under the most clouded skies. As soon as the gig was ready to receive them, the "stores" of the Catamaran were transferred to it.

'Champdivers, my lad, your health! said a voice in my ear, and stopped me and there are few things I am more glad of in the retrospect than that it did. It must have been about four in the afternoon at least the rain had taken off, and the sun was setting with some wintry pomp when the current of my reflections was effectually changed by the arrival of two visitors in a gig.

"Very well, lads, I am glad to find you will stick by me; if we pull safely through it I will give each of you three months' wages. Now set to work with a will and get the gig out. We will tow her after us, and take to her if we make a smash of it." They were now near enough to see the white breakers, in the middle of which the ship was lying. She was fast breaking up.

"Yes, my old mare got bit by something yesterday and kicked the gig to smithereens, and lamed her off hind-leg." "I will lend you a horse and a gig," said Penhallow. "Thanks," said McGregor simply. "I am sweating through my coat." "But don't leave my horse half a day tied to a post any animal with horse-sense would kick." "As if I ever did but when the ladies keep me waiting. Heard the good news?

Other tools left in the gig are doubtless in her still. Doing their best with those on hand, the axe is first brought into play, the negro being the one to wield it. In early life he has cut down many a tree on the banks of the Mississippi, hundreds bigger than any to be found in the Fuegian forests.

She had happened to be in a walk that commanded a view of the fir-grove. "And you saw my wife agitated, clinging to that man?" "Lady Eversleigh was terribly agitated." "And then you saw her take her place in the gig, of her own free will?" "I did, Sir Oswald." "Oh, what infamy!" murmured the baronet; "what hideous infamy!" It was to himself that he spoke rather than to Miss Graham.