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A tender haze hung upon the landscape and subdued it till the scene was as a dream before them. As in a dream the river lay, and dream-like the shipping moved or rested on its deep, broad bosom. Far off stretched the happy fields with their dim white villages; farther still the mellow heights melted into the low hovering heaven.

They want to explore the sewers, and he's the wizard rat that swims ahead. Still Gerald stood and stared at the blind haze of snow outside. 'I don't understand your terms, really, he said, in a flat, doomed voice. 'But it sounds a rum sort of desire. 'I suppose we want the same, said Birkin.

In a cleft of the hills a haze of smoke marked the position of Lewes. Immediately at our feet there lay a rolling plain of heather, with the long, vivid green stretches of the Crowborough golf course, all dotted with the players. A little to the south, through an opening in the woods, we could see a section of the main line from London to Brighton.

A large number of guns must be altering range on to the German back lines in order to allow our infantry to make their attack. The hills are gradually becoming clearer as the sun gets higher, but the haze will be far too thick for us to see them go over. 7.29 a.m. One minute to go. I have not seen a single German shell burst yet. They may be firing on our trenches; they are not on our batteries.

For some time the odour of expensive cigars had been growing heavier throughout the room; a blue haze hung over the more distant tables. "I don't think my lungs mind it so much as my feelings," I answered. "I shall never be able to make it seem to me just just "

The gorgeous Oriental world of the palm tree and the camel, seen through this sad poetic haze, has all the shadows of the deep northern forests and the tender gloom of the western hills. The rigid outlines of history fade in it to the indefiniteness of fable, and fact becomes as flexible as fancy. The circumstances of the times were also peculiarly favourable for the composition of such a poem.

Kirby's nerves shrieked with pain, and for a moment everything went black before him. His leg had been jammed hard against the upper plank. But when the haze cleared he was still in the saddle. The outlaw gave up. It trotted tamely back to the grand stand through the shredded fragments of pine in the splintered fence, and the grand stand rose to its feet with a shout of applause for the rider.

Half an hour after noon the haze had grown so dense that the great luminary showed through it merely as a shapeless blur of pale, watery radiance, and within another hour he had disappeared altogether from the overcast sky.

Presently she ceased to tremble, and he drew her to the window. The day was as mild as autumn, the winter sun like honey in its mellowness; a soft haze blurred the outline of the upper bridge. "Only two more days until Sunday," he whispered, caressingly, exultantly.... It had been a strange year in Hampton, unfortunate for coal merchants, welcome to the poor.

There, too, were shapes of men and women hurrying home, and the great blocked shapes of the houses where they lived. A halo hovered above the City a high haze of yellow light, dimming the stars. The black, slow figure of a policeman moved noiselessly along the railings opposite. With a jerk, Hilary came back to his reflections beneath the bust of Socrates.

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