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When I went in, they rose electrically, and shrieked as by one impulse, "Good morning, modham." They were so delighted at my surprise at their facility with English that they gave it to me over and over again, and I saw that they had intuitions of three cheers and a tiger.

Would not the owl have shrieked and the cricket cried in my very title-page? and could it have been possible for me, with a moderate attention to decorum, to introduce any scene more lively than might be produced by the jocularity of a clownish but faithful valet, or the garrulous narrative of the heroine's fille- de-chambre, when rehearsing the stories of blood and horror which she had heard in the servants' hall?

I could not step down a corridor without seeing flocks of servants taking wing. They fled tumultuously. A silly maid coming from a chamber with a bucket saw me and shrieked. She dropped her bucket and fled back into the chamber. A man-servant saw me, gave a low moan of terror, and leaped down a convenient stairway. All attendants scuttled aside. What was the matter with me?

'Second the motion! shrieked Bell, that being the only parliamentary expression she knew. 'Order! cried Geoffrey in stentorian accents. 'I will adjourn the meeting and clear the court-room unless there is order. 'Do! remarked Polly, encouragingly. 'I will rise again, like Phoebus, from my ashes, to say that Here Jack sprang to his feet.

He lemme see 'em suck," said Sam Lamb's partner proudly. "He's got a cow, too; she's got the worrisomest horns ever was. I believe she's a steer anyway." "Shucks," said the country boy, contemptuously, "You do' know a steer when you see one; you can't milk no steer." "Look! Ain't that a snake?" shrieked Billy, pointing to what looked to him like a big snake coiled in the yard.

You are penniless?" fairly shrieked Sally, springing to her feet and looking with amazement into the wrinkled face above her. Miss Rogers nodded assent, inwardly asking Heaven to pardon her for this, her first deliberate falsehood. "And you came here to us, got the best room in our house, and all of mamma's best clothes, and you a beggar!"

'We will go back at once. "She struggled to smile, the poor mignonne. "'It is only that my knees are sick, she said piteously. "I took her in my strong arms tenderly. "We had paused on a ridge of hard snow. "There came a tearing clang an enormous sucking sound, as of wet lips opening. The snow sank under our feet. "'My God! shrieked Fidèle. "I held her convulsively.

At last he distinguished the form of his new shepherd a collapsed heap prone upon the ground. Surrounding him were the sheep, a pitiful, huddled mass, bleating plaintively, with considerably more than a week's condition lost. "What the dickens have you been doing to those sheep?" shrieked the almost frantic manager. The ex-sailor managed to gasp out: "Well, sir, I've done my best.

She she isn't on top of any these tables, an' I I knew you wassen unner 'em. You ain't " "Permit me," interrupted Odell-Carney with grave dignity. "Your friend, Miss Fowler, is not in gaol. He is out " "Not in gaol!" she almost shrieked. "I knew it! I knew it could not go wrong. But where is he?" "He's out on bail. We bailed him out at half-past ten Wot!"

"Tell's the boy!" roared Ulric the smith. "Not another man in Switzerland could have made that shot." "No," shrieked everybody, "not another!" "Speech!" cried someone from the edge of the crowd. "Speech! Speech! Tell, speech!" Everybody took up the cry. "No, no," said Tell, blushing. "Go on, go on!" shouted the crowd. "Oh, I couldn't," said Tell; "I don't know what to say." "Anything will do.

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