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Craig smilingly reached for the note, took it, folded it and unconcernedly thrust it into his pocket. "My God!" she cried, clasping her hands convulsively and repeating the words of the letter. Banging away at my typewriter, the next day, in Kennedy's laboratory, I was startled by the sudden, insistent ringing of the telephone near me.

"No, you can't do a thing for me," he was saying. "It's this sciatica. I've got to get Carlsen." As Rainey passed through to his own little stateroom neither of them noticed him, but he saw that the captain was shivering, his hands picking almost convulsively at the table-cloth. "Where's Carlsen, curse him!" Rainey heard through his cabin partition. "Tell him I can't stand this any longer.

It was not simply the fierce attractions of an execution that had drawn thither this wild, weird-looking young creature, with his sun-burned complexion, great, flashing, dark eyes, brilliant white teeth, unkempt masses of thick, black hair, and slender brown hands which were convulsively clinging to the rough, cold stone.

How many times had his refractory thoughts rattled convulsively in his throat, under the evidence of duty! Resistance to God. Funereal sweats. What secret wounds which he alone felt bleed! What excoriations in his lamentable existence! How many times he had risen bleeding, bruised, broken, enlightened, despair in his heart, serenity in his soul! and, vanquished, he had felt himself the conqueror.

He then, without a pause, proceeded to point out the heinous character of the offense, but admitted there was one mitigating circumstance; and, in conclusion, he condemned the culprit to five years' penal servitude. At this the poor wretch uttered a cry of anguish that was fearful, and clutched the dock convulsively.

Kâramanèh, divining my question, nodded, and the shimmering cloud of her wonderful hair, hastily confined, burst free and rippled about her shoulders. "A gaunt, fleshless brown man, who bent, and writhed bony fingers so!" "A thug!" I cried. "He it the mummy thing would have strangled me if I had slept, for he crouched over the berth seeking seeking...." I clenched my teeth convulsively.

"Aren't you well? You look pale and ill! What is it, Tillie?" Tillie's overwrought heart could bear no more. Her head fell on Miss Margaret's shoulder as she broke into wildest crying. Her body quivered with her gasping sobs and her little hands clutched convulsively at Miss Margaret's gown.

Look at him, convulsively doing battle with an invisible foe! his eyes start; his face gets bluer and bluer; his hands, fixed like griffin's talons, clutch at vacancy he wrestles struggles falls.

The young man perceived the cold smile on the General's face, and convulsively grasping his hand with his own manacled hands, exclaimed despairingly: "General! they would murder my father, they would destroy my house, my nation!" "Who forsooth?" inquired the General with an expression of unutterable contempt. "These skulking loafers, eh?

The arrow flew singing through the air as swift and deadly as a steel dart and was buried in the heart of the stag, which, leaping upward, fell, writhed convulsively a moment or two, and died. The young Onondaga regarded his work a moment with satisfaction, and then walked forward, followed by his white comrade.