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How he had come by the name of Dirty Fingers, when his right name was Alexander Toppet Fingers, no one could definitely say, unless it was that he always bore an unkempt and unwashed appearance. Whatever the quality of the two hundred and forty-odd pounds of flesh in Dirty Fingers' body, it was the quality of his brain that made people hold him in a sort of awe.

From the raised platform, in place of the shrewd, matter-of-fact New England politician alive to the vote getting powers of Fourth of July patriotism, in place of the vehement but fun-loving son of Erin, men with wild, dark faces, with burning black eyes and unkempt hair, unshaven, flannel skirted made more alien, paradoxically, by their conventional, ready-made American clothes gave tongue to the inarticulate aspirations of the peasant drudge of Europe.

He hated the parade of courts, was dirty, unkempt and careless, a genuine son of the soil, heedless of fate, and an excellent huntsman. Up to the seventeenth century the ladies of the French court showed a keener interest for falconry than for the hunt by horse and hounds.

"I have not seen it," was the reply, "but I had a nice one once, and the end was exactly like yours; it was hooked!" Passing a rosy-cheeked, unkempt boy, Miss remarked to her friend, "Isn't he a little honey?" "Yes," she replied, struck by his traits, "honey without a comb!" "Do you not think Miss B. is beautiful? She bows to perfection." "Yes; but she hasn't bowed to me. Has she to you?"

As a matter of fact, a curl by the right ear was only about one-tenth of an inch farther on the cheek than it was intended to be But, by this observation, he got the advantage of her by giving the impression that she looked wild, unkempt, and ruffled, though she was, in reality, exactly as trim and neat as always. 'Well about the delicate matter you were going to talk over with me, Bruce?

He turned to the left and was met by the smiling eyes of his new acquaintance, Burns, who waved him good-humoredly away: "This is the sophomore corner I reckon you belong in there." And toward the centre Jason went among the green, the countrified, the uneasy, and the unkempt.

The prisoners, who followed in the wake of their conquerors, were the great objects of curiosity and interest. One or two spectators started groaning; but a nudge, or failing that, a kick sufficed to correct their bad taste. A weary, travel-stained group the captives looked with their unkempt locks and unshaven faces. No need to throw mud at them.

"If you saw suddenly a barefooted, unkempt chap slinking amongst the bushes on the sea face of the island, and at the same time observed less than a mile from the beach, a small schooner full of niggers hauling off in a hurry, you wouldn't think the man fell there from the sky, would you? And it could be nothing else but either that or Cayenne. I've got my wits about me.

A table loaded with eatables was pushed into a corner. The entrance of Mr. Martin, followed by a dirty, unkempt, and oddly dressed stranger, caused an abrupt cessation of the singing. The girl at the harmonium sprang up with a startled look. "What is it, Father?" she asked anxiously. "Nothing to be scart about, my girl. Neighbours, this gentleman has come all the way from London in an aeroplane."

I went in, thinking of the years gone, of Fu Shan, who used to sit, sucking his porcelain pipe on Sadler's porch, and looking down on the creek where the boys were rowing with his countrymen, and looking down on Saleratus that was a pretty unkempt community, and saying, "Vely good joss house, gleen dlagon joss house by Langoon;" and then of Sadler saying: "Stuck-up little cast-eyed ghost!