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In the parlor the younger lads and lasses were playing "snap and catch 'em" and similar games. The portly Dutch clock gazed down benignly on the scene, its face shining good-humoredly like the round visage of some comfortable burgher. "Green grow the rushes, O!" came from many merry-makers.

"Well, but Agnes is right, Henry," said her mother: "to know the daughters' secrets is my privilege and yours to know William's if he has any." "Upon my word, mother, mine are easily carried, I assure you." "Suppose, papa," observed Agnes, good-humoredly, "that I was to fall in love, now as is not

Tom, Harry and Mr. Prenter jumped, landing safely aboard. "How did the enemy come to catch you napping, Corbett?" Tom inquired good-humoredly. "They didn't catch me napping, sir," protested Foreman Corbett. "It is the strangest thing, sir -that explosion. Why, I had had my light turned on that very part of the wall at least a dozen times in the last half-hour before the blow-out came.

"Well, we know where the ice is," remarked Dick. "We can get it at our convenience. Darry, we'll follow you in pursuit of your man of mystery. Come out of here, fellows." Dick led the way out of the cave, flashing the light as he walked. All four blinked when they found themselves out in the sunlight. "Now, which way are we going, David, little giant?" demanded Tom good-humoredly.

"No committee of citizens has asked you to reform any one, Ben," Dick went on good-humoredly. "You've got a few faults of your own that you might remedy, and I guess we all have." "Come on, fellows, and rush Dutcher," called Ben Alvord. Ross, Allen and others moved as though to help, but Dick was flanked by Tom and Greg. In the distance Dave Darrin could be seen skating back.

"Of course it is true; Melanie herself told me. She told me his name, too Joseph Gyáli." "Ha, ha, ha!" Lorand, smilingly and good-humoredly pinching Czipra's cheek, went on his way. He smiled, but with the poisonous arrow sticking in his heart! Oh, Czipra did herself a bad turn when she mentioned that name before Lorand! Lorand's whole being revolted at what Czipra had told him.

Phil, don't wake me so abominably early as you did this morning. If you do, friendship can hold out no longer we must part!" "All right!" laughed Errington good-humoredly, watching his friend as he sauntered out of the saloon; then seeing Duprez and Macfarlane rise from the table, he added courteously, "Don't hurry away on Lorimer's account, you two.

He was too cunning for that, and when, with a burst of tears, Anna told him she could not be his wife because she loved another, he said, good-humoredly, "Well, well, never mind spoiling those pretty blue eyes. I'm not such an old savage as you think me. So we'll compromise the matter this way.

Clustered beneath the trees in the ordinarily quiet avenues of Maisons, the crowd watched the cortege; and old Vogotzine good-humoredly displayed his epaulettes and crosses for the admiration of the people who love uniforms.

As the footman let down the steps of his carriage, the old gentleman, who had served the Convention, suspected the junior's dilemma. "All cats are gray in the dark," said he good-humoredly. "The Chief Justice cannot compromise himself by putting a pleader in the right way!