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Would he fail at the pinch? What a man he must become to approach their simple estimate of him! Because he had found health and strength, because he could shoot, because he had the fleetest horse on the desert, were these reasons for their friendship? No, these were only reasons for their trust. August Naab loved him. Mescal loved him; Dave and George made of him a brother.

"I don't want the 'glory' of running a command into an ambush." Calling to Riley and four sailormen, Dave led them down the street at the double-quick until he was two hundred yards in advance Then he led his men on at marching speed. The work at the "point" is always the post of greatest danger with a marching command. This point is small in numbers, and moves well in advance.

We found the crust so hard and thick that we could stamp on it with force. Dave said that that was a good enough crust for him. So off he started, and Tom and Dan went with him. They ought to be back, with men to help, in an hour more." "Hurrah!" glowed Greg. "Oh, I do hope that the constables get here in time to nab Mr. Fits." "It'll be a good thing, all around, if that happens," nodded Dick.

Dave walked down the street to the bridge, and it reminded one of old times to see the people go away as he heaved in view. Dave is looking very much larger than at his last visit just previous to the funeral of Judge Dawson.

He was evidently not merely a guest. "Detective." "A detective!" exclaimed Keith. Dave nodded. "Yes; watchin' the guests, to see they don't carry off each other. It is the new ones that puzzle us for a while," he added. "Now, there is a lady acting very mysteriously over there." His eye swept over the room and then visited, in that casual way it had, some one in the corner across the room.

You're goin' to cheat me outen my shar' of them fifty dollars, ain't you now?" "You will have no share in the money. It will all belong to me, and I shall give it to mother." "Then, Dave, not a quail do you ketch in these yere fields so long as you hold to them idees. Don't you furget it, nuther." "What do you mean?" asked David, in alarm. "What are you going to do?"

Picture's testamentary arrangements were of less importance than tranquillity, as matters stood at present. "What did she say of Dave and Dolly?" "She was put about to think how they would be told, if she died." "How would they be told?... I can't think." Gwen asked herself the question, and parried it. Ruth Thrale escaped in a commonplace.

He's the worst-tempered boy in the whole world. I just won't have another thing to do with him! I'll go and tell her so." Before he got half way to Mehitabel, however, he changed his mind, and stealing softly back, sat on the top step of the stairs, just outside Dave's room, to wait till Dave should call him, to make up, as had happened more than once before.

There's Edith Duncan, for instance." "Edith is a fine girl. The Duncans are wonderful people. I owe to them almost everything. But as for marrying Edith " "Why not?" "I don't know. I never thought of it that way. She's a fine girl." "None better," said Bert, with decision. "Dave, I'm not much on orthodox religion, as you know, but that girl's got something on me.

"Won't I, though?" Hazelton demanded. Dick and Dave trudged onward, taking brief turns at the cart. Thus they entered the hotel grounds at the rear, continuing until they were close up to the rear porch. Then Dick ascended the steps and knocked at the door. As no one answered, he stepped into the corridor.